Dubious cover art

I recently read K9 and the time trap which @shauny was kind enough to add to the site.

However, something about the cover was nagging at me, and I finally remembered what it was. The spaceship on the cover seems to be a blatant copy of the one on E.E ‘Doc’ Smit’s classic “Skylark Three”. What’s particularly puzzling to me is that of all things which happen in the story, a ship blowing up like that is not one of them.

Has anyone else spotted any other dubious cover art?


Well I spent the entire reading of Timewyrm: Exodus wondering what on earth the cover art had anything to do with the story. The book is about Nazi Germany but the cover art looks like some weird ritual, and that doesn’t look anything like Ace.

Spoilers for the book: it wasn’t until the very end that it makes sense, although Ace was supposed to be tied down when this particular scene happened. Very strange!


I remember thinking this as well. It’s a very weird choice for the cover art because it’s technically spoilery but then again not, and it’s not a very good representation of the novel as a whole.


Honestly I think that is one of the most screen accurate depictions of Ace in the VNAs.


They certainly struggle lol. Personally I think the most accurate to her face-wise are Conundrum and Theatre of War

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i would guess it’s intended as an homage rather than a copy. although why there would be an homage to that particular cover on that particular book is its own question.

Probably just a reference the artist had around the house or a book they liked. Needed a spaceship - found a spaceship.

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