Doctor Who: Worlds Apart

Does anyone play Doctor Who: Worlds Apart?

I signed up to this and get emails every now and then, I’ve even tried to play once but had a bit of bother setting it up (it was Early Access then I think).

I want to like it, it has gorgeous artwork that I am so jealous of, but the whole focus on NFTs just feels kinda… scammy to me? Especially as it’s not really ‘officially’ launched yet has it? It says on the FAQs “We are working hard to release the game out of beta sometime during 2023.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I may be wrong about it, but it just feels a bit icky to me. Thoughts?

I genuinely don’t understand why stuff like this gets a license, and yet we don’t have better Doctor Who video games.


Don’t understand NFTs or the point of them and the whole thing just looked like a way of getting a huge amount of money out of fans and giving them sod all in return.


I’ve played it a bit about two months ago. The card game itself seems fine, but it will get very repetitive very soon.

Just logged on and in the new patch notes they say they can’t guarantee that progress won’t suddenly get erased, but they’ll accept micro transactions for stuff?

And they definitely are trying to mine fans for money, there are 3 different levels of season passes and micro transactions for two different kinds of “gems” + the option to buy NFT for cards as far as I understand.
It’s just not worth it frankly, a waste of time and money.
(Want to invest in Doctor Who style? Buy copies of Lungbarrow!)


Oh, I dunno. Sounds to me like you COMPLETELY understand the point of NFTs.