Doctor Who Video Games

We are soon adding video games to the site properly, as @Tian has generously offered to help with collecting them all together.

I was reminded of this YouTube Video I watched recently “I Played Every Doctor Who Video Game”, it’s a lot of fun :smiley:

What are your favourite Doctor Who Video Games?


(I know we’ve touched on some of the games in other topics but this is kinda one topic to rule them all.)

I’ve not played LEGO Dimensions but I know that is consistently referred to as “the only good Doctor Who game” :rofl:

I enjoyed the VR games they released, one is more of just a story really and the other is a proper game although it’s not the best… I just loved standing in a TARDIS in VR, that was a special feeling. I also set my VR Home on my Valve Index to be 12’s TARDIS :smiley:


I’ve played - or tried to play - a fair few of them but the only one worth anything is Lego Dimensions.

It is phenomenal and shows how good a dedicated Lego Doctor Who game could be. The dedicated level is huge fun but the bits of the main game involving Doctor Who are excellent too (especially the Weeping Angel bit). And there are aspects of Classic and New Who hidden throughout the game including a Power of the Daleks bit, a Dinosaurs on a Spaceship bit and a Girl in the Fireplace bit. There’s even a Black Archive you can explore.

It’s utterly utterly bonkers.

The fact you can play as every single incarnation of the Doctor up till Capaldi is mad and on top of that, if you enter the TARDIS as each Doctor you get their TARDIS - Eight’s is GORGEOUS.

AND - if you enter on the 4th of the month, as the 4th Doctor, you appear inside the wood-panelled console from Masque of the Mandragora.

The other games are invariably rubbish. The Wii and DS games Evacuation Earth and Return to Earth are nigh on impossible to play and I’ve never finished either.

The Top Trumps game is fine but very, very repetitive.

The VR game - I once played a ‘cut-down’ version at a VR place and the guy running the place asked me if I was okay during the Weeping Angel bit - that was terrifying, but game-wise it was a bit basic.

I bought the updated, non VR version, Edge of Reality (or Time or whatever it’s called) in a sale and I don’t mind it but I played through to the Weeping Angel bit and haven’t played since (although my daughter found my reaction to being chased by Angels hilarious).

On mobile, the best game is The Lonely Assassins - that is actually worth your time. I found it hugely fun to play. I also liked Legacy back in the day but never finished it before it got deleted from the game store and I lost my progress on it. I did find an apk of it and have it back on my phone but because it has no online support now, some aspects are limited (like you can’t buy crystals anymore). I occasionally have a bit of a play.

The other mobile games are okay but that recent Lost in Time one is awful.


Lego Dimensions was probably the first Doctor Who media I ever experienced and the weeping angels and cybermen kind of terrified me back then (though then i had no idea that was what they were called). So much so that at some point I stopped playing and I have never finished the game since :sweat_smile:.
I agree that it’s the best Doctor Who game you can get, but that’s just because the Lego games in general are of a very high quality, and DW games generally are not.

Edge of time looked alright (at least more playable than most of the other ones), and it was on sale a little while ago. Might pick it up next time it goes under €5.


I did buy and play Legacy back in the day, and enjoyed it, and have Doctor Who Infinity sitting around.

I’ve also briefly played a little of the BBC Micro games, since they’re online…


The BBC Microgames used to be really fun

And Legacy was pretty solid, shame it’s off the store now


A first draft of the list of games are now sent to @shauny . I realized that I have barely played any Who games. Got excited to play the adventure games but there seam to be no legit way of playing them. I think I might buy the switch duo instead.


I did the first two games and Gunpowder Plot. I regret not playing the Vashta Nerada one because apparently that was the best.

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There’s still definitely ways of playing the adventure games, I’ve got them all downloaded, but yeah, took a bit of searching

There is a link elsewhere on the forum, but I’m not convinced it isn’t riddled with viruses.

That’s absolutely fair

I saw a link on reddit but seamed to be PC only.

kids apple GIF by PlayKids


By the way are there a good name for the set that includes:
Evacuation Earth
Return to Earth

Earth games?

They were always just PC games but I imagine some techy whizz somewhere might have made them work on some other device.

The ‘Bloody Awful’ Games?


Well, even if you aren’t on Windows, there are ways to run old windows programs…


This say that they are both pc and mac

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I don’t even want to think about the time I wasted trying to vainly control things in the Wii game - I even have the Sonic Screwdriver Wii remote!


oh man that wii remote was terrible - I loved it with all my heart but I could only get it to work maybe 60% of the time


Is there still a way to get/play Lego Dimensions?