Doctor Who: The Ultimate Adventure Stage Play

I just added The Ultimate Adventure to the site, and discovered that Josh Snares has ‘restored’ it from some fan-made (technically illegal) recordings.

Have you seen this? Are you planning to? I might watch it at some point! What do you think of it?

Did anyone see it performed live??


I know this is considered something of a minor classic, so I might give it a go actually! God bless Josh Snares for contributing so much to the fandom!


Yes, God bless Josh Snares, but they’re a member of this site and yet haven’t posted anything :smiling_face_with_tear:


100% god bless him


I knew it exists, and want to watch it sometime, but haven’t done it yet.

(And yes, sometimes it’s easier for me to watch something I know is bad, like K9, then something that’s probably good. I feel like I should pay more attention to it if it’s good, whereas K9, I don’t feel at all guilty about having on one screen while I do other stuff…)


Hurrah! It’s time for my story :smiley:

So, yes, I saw it live at Wimbledon Theatre when Jon Pertwee was in the lead role. It was huge fun and I have very fond memories.

I went with my brother but my parents didn’t come, just dropped us off at the theatre. I must have been about 13/14.

We were in the dress circle, which was pretty empty of audience, and as the lights went down, I happened to glance behind me.

Colin Baker came in and sat down at the back of the dress circle.

The first half happened and when the lights came up for the interval, I turned around but Colin had gone.

Just as the interval finished and the second half started, Colin reappeared. Along with my brother, and two other children sitting nearby, I plucked up the courage to go over and say hello. Colin graciously signed the back of a theatre leaflet (for Garfield the stage show!) and then we returned to our seats.

It was the first time I ever met anyone from the show and I’d only really been a fan for about a year by that point.

Since then, I’ve discovered that it may well have been the first performance of the show at Wimbledon because that’s the night Colin says he went to watch Jon in it. This means he knew, quite early on, that he would be taking over the part.

I still have the autograph (although I cut it out of the leaflet so sadly, I’ve lost the details of the precise dates Garfield the stage show was on at Wimbledon).


Also, there 100% needs be an Ultimate Adventure badge for the show, the short story and the two audios.

It should be called Business is Business…


I saw it performed 4 times! Twice in Basildon with Jon Pertwee and twice in Canterbury with Colin Baker. I met Jon Pertwee before the performance in Basildon when he was doing a meet and greet (no autographs) and then later in the day we came across him outside the theatre and he autographed my Spearhead from Space VHS.

In Canterbury, I was part of a fan group who were doing a street collection for Cot Death research, which was Colin Baker’s charity at the time. He met us and posed for photos and did a brief interview with the group’s Dalek. I had a photo with Colin and was surprised to see a photo from the same shoot appear recently in DWM. Our group had been joined by a chap called Marcus who was very friendly, but I didn’t know much about him. The picture in DWM had a photo credit Marcus Hearne. So, unbeknown to me, I’d known the former DWM editor a very long time ago!

The show was slightly different with the different Doctors, but with very few changes to the script. Most of it was down to differing emphasis in their respective performances.

With a couple of friends in Basildon, we had a drink and a chat with David Banks before the performance. So, I got to meet all of the Ultimate Adventure Doctors, although I only saw Banks playing Karl on stage. After one of the Basildon performances, we met some of the cast after the show. I got Terry Walsh’s autograph on his one photo in the programme. He made a point of showing me it, as he was just playing dead in a heap on the ground, and it could have been anyone! He was very amusing about it. Of course in the TV show he had doubled for Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker on numerous occasions and performed a lot of stunts. He also saved Lis Sladen’s life when they were filming in Wookey Hole for Revenge of the Cybermen. He was very down to earth.

I have a lot of happy memories of 1989 and the Ultimate Adventure. It was my A Level year. I saw Jon Pertwee pre-exams and Colin Baker a few weeks after them. It was a great show.


Well that gazumped my story by two Doctors and a stuntman!

You’ll be telling me you spent a short while dating Zog in a minute.

Seriously though, great story!


I’ve always been fascinated by the David Banks doctor, and I love the alternate version of 6’s costume

Also I believe Josh Snares is they/them


Funny you should say that… no, I didn’t date Zog.

The lady who played Zog did come out and meet those of us who waited around at the end of the show, though.


I tried listening to the Big Finish audio version and just couldn’t finish.

Same. It wasn’t the same as the stage version. It really was a “you had to be there” experience.

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I checked this out when they posted this on youtube and wish I could have seen this in person.

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