Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures: Revolution in Space

The latest 3rd Doctor release. My weekend listening. I really enjoy this range.
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It’s a range I haven’t heard much of, although I have a couple of volumes. I have to say I have yet to be convinced by Sadie Miller’s Sarah Jane but Tim Treloar does do a good 3rd Doctor.

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When it comes to these recasts I think its all about capturing the essence of the character rather than an accurate impression of the actor. Sadie Miller has got better given that I don’t think she’s an actor by profession. Tim Treloar is really good, probably the gold standard for me of recasts. Culshaw does really well as The Brigadier. It’s one of my favourite ranges from BF.


I’ve not heard much of Sadie Miller yet, but what I have heard I feel like has her vocal mannerism down, just at a different pitch (to my amateur ear anyway)

I’ve only heard a little of her though

I’m 2 episodes in & enjoying it. Very much of the era in terms of plotting & characters.

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I started listening to this on Friday, and I’ll be finishing it today. I really love how this range captures the era, and the recasts are generally impeccable. It took me quite a while to warm up to Sadie Miller’s take on Sarah Jane, but I think her work on this and Children of the Future is her best yet. I just wish they’d go back to releases with two shorer stories again, as all these six and seven-aprters can drag a bit (the Annihilators is a great one, though).


Still not finished. real life got in the way but thought I’d add a poll.

Well that was fun. Dragged a bit in the middle as most 3rd doctor stories do, so very authentic to the era.