Doctor Who Target Novelisations

Just finished The Day of The Doctor and have read a few other of the Target Novels and thought that we needed a thread where we can discuss them.


The Day of the Doctor was a really good novel.

I liked the way it was written. It’s fun when the book breaks the fourth wall. I also liked that it explained a little more what the different doctors were doing on the day of the doctor.

What are your favorite target novels?


It is a really good novelisation, it takes a whole new approach to the story on TV.

I love how The Night of the Doctor is included in the narrative and it is pretty spectacular how the very last word in the book is a twist surprise.


I read it shortly after it was released so I can’t really remember all the tricks they did. I think I read it twice as well!!

I’ll have to read it again :laughing:

But first I really want to read The Giggle as I’ve heard great things about that.