Doctor Who: Redacted season 1

Hi, I am currently listening to Doctor Who: Redacted for the first time and would love to hear what you all think of it. This topic is only about season 1, so spoilers for season 2 please be blurred :slightly_smiling_face:

I think it actually is a really good story and a clever use of audio media for storytelling. A podcast within a podcast - podception? All the cameos are delightful, especially Osgood - she needs to come back to our screens! I like that the Doctor plays second fiddle and is only on the periphery until the end, though Jodie Whittaker kills it as always when she arrives in the end.

My main issue with it is that Cleo has all the aspects of a horrible human being. She has spent years accusing her mother of murdering her father without a shred of evidence, even if her mom did a horrible thing by disowning her after her transition. Apparently this is a trend on the Powell Estate (think Mickey) :slightly_smiling_face:
And when Abby chooses to stay with UNIT Cleo goes all “change or I’ll have nothing to do with you” on her despite Abby making the sensible choice of using UNIT as a means of getting answers, Cleo is not even trying for a second to understand one of her best friends’ reasoning. Shawna is not much better and goes “Block her ass” later on when Abby calls. The description on the Redacted podcast episodes even calls Abby’s actions a betrayal, but to me she is being really clever and strong by choosing to stay with Osgood despite the circumstances of how they met.
Cleo is incredibly self-absorbed and arrogant towards everyone she meets and shows only a modicum of kindness towards her friends and brother.
I get that Cleo is going through a traumatic experience the whole series through and has dealt with rejection and loss most of her life, but her basic attitude towards others was consistent from the beginning. She fails in being kind. She does get kind of a redemption on this front in the end and I hope that that continues in season 2, kind of like Owen in Torchwood season 2.

I love that Mickey’s band from the novelisation of Rose gets a name check :slightly_smiling_face:
The voice actor voicing Madame Vastra sadly sound nothing like Neve McIntosh, though she had the best quote of this season: “I cannot abide unnecessary exposition”.

I quite like the resolution, the Doctor only provides a set-up with Cleo being the one to defeat the threat and rescue everyone at the end after a touching conversation with her mom and finding out the truth about her dad.
And Cleo getting her alien foetus in a jar from Madame Vastra at the end is delightful.
I kind of look forward to season 2, the small trailer for it is intriguing.

Ok that’s my rambling, incoherent thoughts out of the way, what are your thoughts? :tardis:


Liked bits of it, especially the Kate and Osgood appearances and of course 13, but overall found that it dragged a bit and like you found that Abby was kinda the only one of the main cast that I liked.


I listened to it when it first came out, so I don’t remember it well, but I remembered enjoying it pleanty. I think I didn’t fully understand what was going on though :rofl: and clearly I only thought it was ‘good’ and not ‘brilliant’ because I’ve never sought to relisten to it which I do for a lot of things I love

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I enjoyed listening to it but did struggle with Cleo too. Not the most likeable of characters.

I also kept getting mixed up between Abby and Shawna simply because, it my mind ‘Shawna’ is a more Scottish sounding name so I kept thinking she was the Scottish one, not Abby. But that’s my problem.

I think I preferred Series 2 as this one felt a bit too long for the plot it actually had. 2 is tighter.


Fair enough, lets see how I feel about it in a year’s time :grin:

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I really enjoyed it, The Blue Box Files podcast is wonderful and I feel like it was so well realised.

Very slight spoiler for the very beginning of series 2: I love that Rani’s podcast is kind of a competitor, and I imagine a whole spin-off of all past companions creating their own podcasts.

I loved Osgood being back, and also really want her back in the show! Make it happen Russell!!

I do kinda agree about the cast being a bit unlikeable. But not everyone can be perfect, it’s good to have difficult people.

I actually rated these episodes higher than the series 2 ones, didn’t get on as well with that series because the characters and settings felt much less real to me. Also it was a bit forgettable, I literally can’t remember much of series 2 at all now.