Doctor Who feature in SFX Magazine

Doctor Who is the front cover feature of this month’s SFX Magazine.

I’m going to read this later. What are everyone’s thoughts on it?


Ah, this is the publication where RTD confirms Disney commissioned 2 seasons and Ruby Sunday is in both seasons, right to the end of season 2


I picked this up yesterday - mainly for the art card of the Season 24 bluray :wink:

Also an article on the final series of Inside No 9.


Haven’t picked it up yet. I usually buy the digital magazine (through Pocketmags, bless that app!) if they have a Doctor Who feature. This one seems like an issue I shouldn’t miss out on!


But I saw a random Twitter user say that she got fired. I don’t know who to believe in anymore :joy:


I got it digitally on Pocketmags! Some interesting new tidbits of information from an interview with RTD, Millie Gibson, and Ncuti Gatwa talking briefly about each episode in the upcoming season, and then interviews with two of the directors and the hair & makeup designer. Felt like it was worth me buying it even though nothing else in the magazine interests me lol.

Really intrigued by Ncuti mentioning there’s a reference to the Rani in the first scene of episode one. Especially because there was a cut line before the bigeneration where Mel would have mentioned the Rani when talking about how she’d seen regeneration before. iirc there have been no reference to the Rani in all of New Who so for RTD to suddenly write two references to her very close together is interesting.


Someone at a convention I went to implied they had an actual inside source and said they knew for a fact she was fired. Definitely seemed to genuinely believe it too like I don’t think they were making anything up I think they’d just gotten bad information. This is definitely the last time I’m ever trusting a rumor from fans though


Never trust rumours in fandom. The ‘Millie’s been fired’ stuff was nasty too.


Yeah, it feelt like they were going hard on this young girl. Hope she has good support around her.


Tabloid sensationalism plus “we want woke Doccy Who to fail” on overdrive :pensive:


I will never understand this kind of people. If you don’t like something watch something else. I don’t like many of the post-infinity Marvel movies but if other people like them good for them I will watch something else.


Some people are just offended that things they disagree with exist.

Also some old “fans” don’t like the direction it’s going now, they feel like it’s changed too much.


I’m not a big fan of the past couple of years worth of stuff but if someone else loves it I ain’t gotta poop on there parade. My issue usually comes from a writing perspective. For me spectacle will only get so far. I’ll forgive iffy production value. I won’t forgive iffy writing. There are always ups and downs in Who.


Skimmed through the interview with the three of them and some interesting titbits about the upcoming episodes.

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