Doctor Who Desert Island Discs

Thought I’d try out something new, not quite a game, not quite a chat!

In the UK we have a radio show called ‘Desert Island Discs’, where guests are asked to imagine that they’re being marooned on a desert island indefinitely and must choose eight pieces of music; a book; a ‘luxury item’ (this can be literally anything provided it doesn’t get them off the island or ‘animate’). They also get a religious text and the complete works of Shakespeare, but that’s less relevant here!

So, with that in mind - what would everyone’s Doctor Who Desert Island Discs (Desert Island Doctors?) be?

Choose 8 stories/serials, a book/comic (a novelisation/audiobook count as seperate to their source basis), an audio and another Doctor Who collectable to take with you as well. Remember, you’re there for who (:wink:) knows how long - make it count!


Mine would be

  • Stories: Demons of the Punjab; Father’s Day; Ghost Light; Enlightenment; City of Death; The Two Doctors; The Green Death; The Aztecs
  • Book: The Also People by Ben Aaronovitch
  • Audio: And the Pirates by Jacqueline Rayner
  • Collectable: Got to be my question mark umbrella - keeps me cool in the shade, dry in the rain, and looks ‘ace’ too!

Oh tricky… mine would probably be:

TV: Doctor Who (1996), Remembrance of the Daleks, Pyramids of Mars, The Eleventh Hour, Prisoner of the Judoon, Unicorn and the Wasp, The End of the World, The Pilot.

Audio: Gallifrey - Spirit

Book: tricky because I’m not that familiar with a lot of books, but maybe Vampire Science

Collectable: can I have an Ace bomber jacket? I just think it would be cool :rofl:


Stories: The War Games, All of season 7, and Invasion of the Dinosaurs for certain. The logical part of my brain wants to just keep going for length and claim Trial of a Timelord and Flux, and I think they’re very fun, but I just can’t watch them on loop forever. I have to go with The Ribos Operation and Face The Raven/Heaven Sent/Hell Bent (yes that’s all one story)

A book or a comic? Not both? If I can claim Titan Comic’s Eleventh Doctor Year #2 (as it’s technically all one story) I’m doing that. If not, then Interference (my logic with all this is that the more content I have, the longer it’ll take to get bored (the fact that I tend to like long stories helps))

One audio. Does Doom Coalition count as one audio? If not, then the Audio Novel The Dead Star. If that’s still cheating, then Kaleidoscope

Collectable? I’m going to stretch my definitions and go for scale again and say a screen used Dalek prop. That’s a nice solid shelter on it’s own, and it’s got some lovely useful parts to scrap and use. If that’s too far, then a 6th Doctor coat would be cool


Hmm this requires thought :thinking:

Stories: The Claws of Axos, The War Games, Remembrance of the Daleks, The Caves of Androzani, Kinda, The Power of the Doctor, The TV Movie and The Five Doctors.

Book: The Day of the Doctor novelisation by Steven Moffat

Audio: The Light at the End

Collectable: The 7th Doctor’s juggling balls to while away the time


I’m struggling to narrow this down! I will be back with a decision at some point!


TV stories - The Dalek Invasion of Earth, The Mind Robber, The Robots of Death, Vengeance on Varos, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, Ghost Light, Doctor Who: The Movie, Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways

Book - Sky Pirates!

Audio - Whispers of Terror

Collectible - The Sixth Doctor’s coat. I love it.

I’m sure all of these things could change at some point depending on how I’m feeling