Doctor Who books that make you laugh!

I’ve read very few Doctor Who novels (Shada, Timewyrm: Genesis, & RTD’s The Writer’s Tale) and I’m looking for books that have some great lines or moments that make you laugh.

I’m reading Timewyrm: Exodus right now (just finished Chapter 6) and there’s been plenty of things 7 has particularly said or done that genuinely made me laugh out loud. I’m really enjoying it so far.

I would love to know which books you really enjoyed in that regard!


The Secret in Vault 13 had a few good funny moments but this part especially stands out in my memory

The Secret in Vault 13 Excerpt


The Empire of Glass. Oh, the shenanigans that ensue and the hilarious misunderstandings. It was Discworld-like. Highly recommended.


Probably ‘The Highest Science’.

There’s a scene where the Seventh Doctor managed to trick the Chelonians into reading a phone book from cover to cover… twice!


Not a novel, but the short story ‘The Package’ from Torchwood Magazine was very fun

TL:DR: to stop an invasion the team need to find an alien beacon thing within like 3 hours. Luckily Ianto already bought off eBay a few days ago, unfortunately, the Royal Mail tried delivering while they were out and trying to pick it up it’s revealed that for some reason the Torchwood Institute and the Royal Mail go back and not in a good way

Just very stupid, and very fun, only 7 pages (more like 4 if you don’t count art) and it’s by James Goss, so definitely worth reading


I love that book, it’s a look into how good Jodie could have been as The Doctor if she hadn’t been stuck with Chibnall as Showrunner

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Not an entire book but a short story in one, Girl Power! from The Missy Chronicles is SO funny.