Doctor Who at the Proms

There is going to be a new Doctor Who at the Proms this year. Very exciting, I love the music of Doctor Who.

I won’t be able to visit but I do hope to go to one of these one day!

Have you ever been? What was it like?

(And yes these are getting added to the site at some point!)

Doctor Who makes its much-anticipated return to the Proms with a brand-new show celebrating the latest adventures of the Doctor. Showcasing Murray Gold’s epic music for the series performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, the Prom features sequences from the series on big screens, spectacular lighting and a host of special guest appearances – and, yes, there will be monsters! A concert like no other in all of space and time …


Never been to one but I’d love to.

I’ve been! In my dreams :sob:

From what I’ve seen on YouTube, these have been awesome events!


Never been either, but always watched them when they were on TV as a kid

Fingers crossed for a minisode during it?


oh I’m heartbroken! I always wanted to go to one and now I live in entirely the wrong country :sob:

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ooh my partner will be in the country then…

Never been, but I’m sure that’s gonna change soon