DnDoc fanfiction

Hiya, I’ve been writing some fanfiction wherein Rogue finds the Doctor (because how the hell is the Doctor meant to find a needle in a haystack like that). I saw the ship name DnDoc on tumblr and as a D&D player I really really like it, so I’ve gone with that. I’ve been posting it on AO3 and Tumblr and zero pressure but just thought I’d leave the link here in case anyone is interested. I’ve just finished my first story for them ‘Coming Home,’ in which Rogue tumbles into the TARDIS then gets his energy back while telling the Doctor and Ruby about his adventures.

(1) DnDoc #1 - A Safe Haven – @arctic-atlantic on Tumblr

Does anyone else write fanfiction? I’d love to have a look :slight_smile:


I have written FanFic for other fandoms over the years, but all that stuff is mostly gone.

I’m working on a DW piece, but I’m currently trying to get a grasp on the overall idea. I’ve been ruminating it while laying in bed for a couple of months. When I can see the story in my head, I will sketch it out over a few pages, and then start working on writing the actual story.

EDIT: My story is a couple of seasons of Who, with my own Doctor(s) and new companions.


I’ve written some fanfiction, but none of it was Doctor Who related, and a lot of it was participating in a monthly writing thing where you write a story in less than 150 words based on a prompt for a completely different fandom. Probably not anything most people here’d be interested in…

(I did win a time or two, at least…)


I did some of those in the early 2000s on FFnet.


They are a lot of fun, and having the restriction of 150 words is interesting. I’d generally write too many words and then have to go back and condense things, and I learned that you can get away with a lot with just dialogue…


that sounds so cool! If you ever post any of that I’d love to have a read but you’re right not to rush it for sure :slight_smile:


I tend to think of a big story, and then struggle to start. I have too many original stories half-written because the scope is too big.

With restrictive word count, or a set theme, I find that it concentrates my writing and actually allows me to produce something.


Definitely know what you mean there. Actually trying to draw things to a conclusion can be a problem, too, and then, I also have enough trouble finishing anything these days that something I can finish in one session is attractive, even if sometimes it feels more like a scene then a story.

Was just looking back at one of the ones that won, too, and it’s still one I really like…


I’m going to try and write a basic outline and post in the Create Your Own Season thread.

Basic, basic outline is:

The Doctor awakens post regeneration during the Spanish Conquest of South America with no memory of how they regenerated. Picks up a new companion, and has some adventures while trying to remember what happened. She eventually figures what her last memory is, and goes to see what happens. Meets former incarnation and they try to stop a threat. This leads to the regen with reasons as to why the memories don’t exist.

Jodie Comer as ‘Current’ Doctor
Idris Elba as ‘Former’ Doctor
Ana de Armas as ‘Companion’
Gerogia Tennent as Jenny
Gillian Anderson as ‘Future’ Doctor

There will be hearbreak between ‘Current’ and ‘Former’. Not icky romance, but more missing-your-best-friend type.


Sent it over to me if you want. I’d be curious to read it.


I know that feeling far too well. I have like 60-100 different stories on my flash drive (both fanfic and original) and not a single one ever got finished. (I think I once finished a single one shot, but even those are hard to finish for me (I just tend to have more and more ideas and not enough time to actually write or finish them)


At that size, I could probably just paste it in a comment. Bear in mind that it’s specifically My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfiction, though.

Prompt was “A Change In the Wind”:

The Wind

The wind swirled purple and blue, glittering outside the window.

“Sweetie, don’t open it!” My sister called out.

“I’m not!” Probably not, anyways. “Isn’t there some way to go out, covering our faces or something?”

“You know better, Sweetie. That’s wild magic. Twilight might’ve found a way…”

Rarity grew silent. Twilight had been outside when the first wind hit. So many ponies had.

“Will it ever stop?” Usually the Carousel was home, but during the wind, it seemed like a prison.

“I don’t know. They’ve been getting longer. We should be safe in here, though.”

“Everything is sealed, right? The cat door?”

A pained look passed Rarity’s face. Opal had gone out in the last wind. What returned… wasn’t Opal. “Boarded shut.”


Was there even still a world out there? Rarity joined me at the window and we kept watching the wind ever swirling and getting thicker…


That’s solid. Sets a scene, and plays it out. Over before it gets heavy, or sickly sweet.


Thanks. It’s atmospheric, and I can’t help but think it’d lose something if I tried to flesh it out or write more (or explain things, really).


I write fanfiction, but no Doctor Who yet. I have (my goodness) 79 Torchwood fics (all written in less than a year, I think there might be something wrong with me), under the same username I use everywhere so I’m easy to find (might be a bad thing, considering the contents of some of my works). Mostly oneshots, but I’m working on some longer ones right now.


I have one fanfic. And it’s a House of The Dead alternate ending but equally as depressing. I do want to write more fanfics but find I love imagining them more than writing them. I hate blank pages, they’re so intimidating.

I have some pages of lore on a Big Finish competition story, which imma keep. Would only take a few alterations to make it something distinct from the Whoniverse. And I like making lore for world’s I’ll never write about in a story