Disney+ links for newest episodes

Could someone who has access to the show on Disney+ please paste in the link to each episode as it becomes available here?

I like to add it onto the site, but do not have access to it myself.

Please start by giving me the links for Space Babies and The Devil’s Chord.


Here’s the link to S1. Don’t think there’s a way to link specific episodes that won’t automatically play them, which is probably not what you want

I do want to link to individual episodes - I’ve been doing that for all the 60th specials and Christmas special.

I cant find a page for the episodes. But this is the link that plays Space Babys. Dont know if it works for other people.


Yeah but those released as individual titles on Disney+ so they can be linked to individually without it automatically playing when you click the link, and I don’t think that can be done for the new episodes.

I believe these will work as links to the new episodes (but someone else with D+ should confirm for me) but they’ll autoplay, which I think is a worse option than just linking to the season

Space Babies:

The Devil’s Chord:

They work for me.

And on checking with some other shows it seems that there aren’t different links for different seasons, so this would be the link for all future seasons on D+ as well

Thanks! I wanted direct links because I direct link to everything else, e.g. on iPlayer.

Doesn’t matter that it autoplays, that’s kind of the point lol.


Please can someone link the Disney+ link to Boom?

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Here you go, hope it works!

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Thanks. No idea if this works, as I’m in the UK. It’s a different format though, presumably because the others were from USA. Can anyone else confirm this works? @SweetAIBelle ?


Seems like it directly goes to Boom to me… :k9:

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Yep opens up Boom on my Disney app

Here’s a different one for you.

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I assumed it would work, because the US links worked for me!

Directly going to Boom was what I wanted! Thanks

Here’s the link for 73 Yards: Disney+ | Video Player