Disabling the Mastodon / Fediverse integration

Since the very beginning, I’ve had integration with the site onto the Fediverse - when you complete or rate stories, it would send a post via an account made for you on the Fediverse via ActivityPub which could then be picked up on Mastodon / Calckey / etc.

I am a big fan of the Fediverse so thought it was a cool feature, and it’s similar to how BookWyrm (a Fediverse-enabled Goodreads clone) does it.

However, it uses a not insignificant amount of resources, and I’m not really finding anyone using it (I bet this is the first you’ve probably heard of this) so for now I will be disabling it!

It may be added back in the future, if I change my mind. Just letting you know!


This was all new info to me and to be honest I only understand half of it. Sounds like a good idea to diable it for now.


I knew this was a thing and frankly I’m not a big fan of the idea. I don’t know anyone who uses Mastodon and I haven’t found an opt out button for this feature, which feels like something of a security risk to me. I’m glad to see it getting disabled.


Yeah, feel if it’s going to be a thing, should probably be opt in rather than opt out, and definitely not by default


I understand the worry, but it was never a security risk - profiles are public by default and this was just an extension of your profile. No-one could see any more information on you than if they just looked at your profile, or followed you on here. And it was easily turned off.

But I’ll be disabling it now anyway :blush:

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