Dhawan!Master on Earth

Was it ever clarified when the Doctor met O before Spyfall?
Obviously when Dhawan!Master arrived on Earth would give a better timeline for this, and I’m curious about what others think?

It’s unlikely, but I like to think he was MI6’s alien expert by 2005, somehow met 9 off-screen at Downing Street whilst dodging Slitheen, and then managed to live through TYTNW - quite possibly dropping the pretence of being O as soon as the president got shot and living his best evil life for a year (after an undoubtedly large amount of trying not to murder his colleagues) because he knew nobody would remember it.
That would also have massive implications for Turn Left if, without the Doctor, he ever managed to make it out of the fob watch…
I dunno, I just like the idea of him being around and making things at once easier for himself and 100x more difficult for the Doctor.

(Obviously all this is irrelevant if it’s confirmed somewhere but I’ve never seen anything about it)


i don’t think it’s confirmed! i always somehow thought that O was a real human agent who the master somehow managed to take the face of and replace… in retrospect that doesn’t make a lot of sense but i didn’t give it much more thought than that. i think your version of events makes as much sense as anything!


Yeah, O was a real person as far as I remember. Then the Master miniaturised him on his way to work on his first day?
Which is a lot easier, I’d imagine, than hypnotising the entire British Security Services into overlooking his non-existent background check!


Well there is a precedent for that in the Classic era in The Keeper of Traken, so I always took this to be the case with O as well.


ah, i think i missed “on his first day”–i somehow thought the master had managed to impersonate an established agent. that makes more sense and is also much funnier somehow.