Decide Your Destiny!

Thanks to some help from @Tian, I’ve added the Decide Your Destiny books to the Guide!

These are “Choose Your Own Adventure” style books where you turn to a certain page to make choices in the story and see what happens.

Have you ever read any of these? What did you think?

Remember you can rate them and add a review on the site :blush:


Oh I remember these, definitely read a few as a kid (well, I say a few, I think I read all of the 10th doctor ones, I don’t remember much of them though)

Edit: I think I read all of them actually, I definitely remember reading one about the macra


I have the Macra one! Barely remember a thing about it though.

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Interesting thing, IIRC, is that companies publishing books along this line actually tend to avoid using the phrase “choose your own adventure”, because the company who owns that phrase is pretty protective of it and likely to come after you with lawyers,


Maybe we should have a read-along where the forum members vote on which option to do :joy:


We need to look into this. Could be fun!


I think it would need to be like a live chat otherwise there would be a lot of waiting around for people in different time zones :slight_smile:

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You could do it with one choice being made per day?


Yeah I was thinking more of posting the text of the book here and so people can read it and then vote, then come back the next day to see the result.

But I guess that might be going into the piracy category… :upside_down_face:


I was intrigued by this but not sure how you could implement it without problems.

I wrote to Colin Brake on Twitter to ask if it would be okay for us to read his Decide Your Destiny titles here. Let’s hope he says yes!


I doubt it is up to him, there are probably lots of copyright laws in place, but fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:


Probably not. But he is more likely to say yes than the publisher.

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