Dark Mode is here!

I was fed up of the website blinding me when I used it late at night :sweat_smile:

So I’ve made a Dark Mode!

Currently only available if your computer or phone is switched to Dark Mode, I’ll add a manual switcher at some point too.

This also opens up the ability to add my own custom themes… maybe one based on each TARDIS? (OK, getting carried away now…)


Nice. & thanks again for all the work on this site. I love it.


Oh awesome! I’d been using the Darkreader extension, and I had to do some CSS hacks to make it work properly, so a native dark mode is way better. It looks great!

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Glad you like it. I still have a few tweaks to make but it’s much easier on the eyes at night :new_moon_with_face:

perfect for when i listen to an audio at 7am

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Ooh nice! I switch everything I can to dark mode


Same. I’ve broken up with partners who don’t use dark mode :rofl:

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I’ve had a go at my best mate a few lmao