Dalek Empire

The Genocide Machine was the first instalment of a very loose (and quite spread out) sequence of four stories in the Monthly Range from Big Finish entitled ‘Dalek Empire’.

Then, of course, they went on to release the 4 season Dalek Empire series.

What are your thoughts?

Dalek Empire and Dalek Empire II in particular are very good - if very grim. I particularly remember enjoying some of the battle scenes (which is odd because often, on audio, they can be hard to follow and painful to listen to).

Dalek Empire III of course brought David Tennant into the series not long before he would go on to take over as the Doctor on TV.

Dalek Empire IV is more of a curio but features Maureen O’Brien and Noel Clarke (which is possibly why it doesn’t get talked about as much nowadays).

What are your thoughts on the pepperpot-led series? Is this what Terry Nation always envisioned he could do with the Daleks despite it never happening in his lifetime?

I think I have some of the Dalek Empire Series that I picked up in a sale. Haven’t listened to any them. And as for the four Main Range stories, I have yet to really see any major links between them that could be considered a series.