Cybermen on Audio

With Sword of Orion in Audio Club this week, now is a good time to discuss your favourite appearances by the Cybermen on audio.

Is it their mini-series spin off entitled: Cyberman; their origin story - Spare Parts; their flash animation foray in Real Time; or even their loose trilogy of The Reaping, The Gathering and the Harvest.

What about their appearances in Bernice Summerfield such as The Crystal of Cantus or Lucie Miller’s encounter with them in Human Resources?

Or are you a champion for one of their less well-received offerings such as Return to Telos, The Isos Network or Last of the Cybermen?

Which stories would convert you and which would you delete?


This has made me realise I havent’ listened to a single Cyberman story on audio (at least to completion, got half through Spare parts ages ago bu t don’t remember it)


Same old tune from me, but I’d recommend ‘Sins of the Flesh’ from the Eleven & Valarie series.

LGBTQ+ themed episode with Cybermen as the main players.


The Harvest is an excellent subversion of the Cyberman concept, and it introduces Hex.


The Cyberman series is my absolute favourite thing that I’ve listened to that Big Finish produced. It’s phenomenaly good in my opinion. The first audio is a little weak, but from then on it’s excellent.


Is it ok if I just delete them saying “Delete” across all kinds of media? :cyberman:


I think The Silver Turk is my favorite Cyberman story on audio that I’ve heard so far


I haven’t heard many but want to give another +1 to Sins of the Flesh.

It’s one of the most original, and touching, use of the Cybermen I’ve heard across any media.


Spare Parts will always top the list for myself - it’s brilliant. The Silver Turk is also good, but I was less enamoured of it than lots of people seem to be.

The Harvest is superb.

Human Resources was also good.

I think I’m one of the few who didn’t mind The Isos Network or Last of the Cybermen but I do agree that Return to Telos was a bit naff.


Yippee I get to sing the praises of Bernice Summerfield: Blood and Steel.

Because oh my god… it is imo one of the finest releases Big Finish have done in recent years.

The bleak atmosphere in Nazi-occupied Germany, Benny and the Doctor’s relationship, the fact that the Cybermen are treated like a force of nature hell bent on converting humanity rather than tin soldiers, the entirety of Wulf. Just everything is damn near perfection.


Quite possibly one of the most brutal Cyberman stories out there, especially with the revelation of how Cybermats are made.

God it’s traumatising.