Inspired by Big Finish’s weekly deals, here’s a thread to discuss everything we love about the Intrusion Counter-Measures Group and their audio spin-off series which details the further adventures of Group Captain Chunky Gilmore, Professor Rachel Jensen and Doctor Allison Williams.

This is one of my favourite Big Finish spin offs and Series 1-4 are superb 60s spy thriller fare with a good dash of Doctor Who.

I still haven’t touched that series, but I’ve heard good things

Well the sale is perfect opportunity to rectify this :smiley:

yeah!!! Counter-Measures I love you!!!

I cannot begin to express how brilliant this series is - all of it is just so well done and thought through, and Allison is one of my favourite characters of all time to the point where I can’t even say anything articulate about her :rofl:

My favourite episodes are probably The Fifth Citadel because I always love it when Toby and Rachel get paired together, The Forgotten Village because as mentioned, Allison breaks my heart, Troubled Waters because I find it incredibly compelling, and The Hollow King because it has everything I love about a CM episode in it

This is making me want to give the whole series a relisten and then launch into the New Countermeasures afterwards. It’s been a good year or two since I listened to Who Killed Toby Kinsella.

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Who Killed Toby Kinsella? is an episode that’s really grown on my the more I’ve listened to it, and I really like New CM too. Pretty much my only disappointment with the whole series was with the very final two episodes, but that is perhaps due more than anything to my own expectations for it

ARG all this Remembrance campaigning has really put me in a CM mood again and I have accordingly spent all afternoon listening to s1 again. In case it wasn’t completely obvious, I adore Allison Williams so much it’s not even funny :sob: I really need her to stop being put in traumatic situations right now actually somebody pls rescue my girl :sob::sob: