Comic Club: The Weeping Angels of Mons

Tenth Doctor #10 - Echoes

This was closer to my original expectations of what these comics were going to be like - cartoonish “monster of the week”. One issue was not enough to sell this story to me - and it stretched credulity to the limit that New York would have a second alien incusion within hours of the first one being resolved (unless something deeper is going on of course, but there was nothing here to hint of that.)

Some nice character moments with Gabby & her family, but we never saw what happened to Cindy - is she OK?


The Weeping Angels of Mons: 9.3/10 - This story was absolutely fantastic and I am amazed at what they did here and how well it worked. First off, the Weeping Angels have always been one of my favorite monsters and they are done so well here. The setting works fantastically for them and they feel like an even bigger threat with the backdrop of World War 1. When they send people back in time here, we get to see peaks into the lives they create for themselves and the situations they end up in which is a really well done concept to use for the angels. Moving onto the characters, Jamie is great here and I really like his relationship with Gabby. It doesn’t feel too forced and works well, again, with the backdrop of World War 1. Speaking of the setting, it does a great job of keeping the reader on their toes as bombs could go off at any moment. The Doctor in this story seems, at points, a little aggressive but I think that fits with the state he’s in at this point. The loss of Donna severely affected him and we can definitely see pieces of that “Time Lord Victorious” anger come out in this story. Gabby herself gets a lot of great moments here like her confrontation with the Angel in the basement of the church and her feelings regarding that moment and her handwritten scenes being very heartwarming.

Echos: 7.2/10 - This story was pretty good, but not particularly noteworthy in any way. I like Gabby’s reunion with her family which is strangely very short. The Shreekers were a nice funny design that I found amusing and the Echos themselves have a really cool design as well. This story suffers from its short length a lot and leaves a lot to be desired from a “companion returns home” story which is disappointing. Some highlights were the Doctor hanging off the Empire State Building and Gabby driving the moped away from the Shreekers. Also, why did we get no follow up to Cindy after the cold open??!!