Chibnall Era BF Audios Incoming (2025)

Sadly not 13 but Fugitive Doctor & The Master.

" Is anyone excited? 'Cause *I’m really excited."


They finally have an actual release date?


I’m not the biggest fan of the fugitive Doctor, though big finish have a habit of changing my mind

Excited about the Sacha Dhawan master though


Ooohh nice to finally get arelease date on these!


There is speculation they feature in Coda, the final part of Once and Future and this is the reason for the looooonnnggg delay between announcement and release.

No idea how true this is though.


13 may appear in coda? I hope so, I’d love to see her get the big finish treatment

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oh my thought it was supposed to be this year :smiling_face_with_tear:
I like to see where fugitive doctor goes in the series even though I wish timeless child story was done differently.


That’s the speculation. 13 or 14, any other incarnation would make the one-year delay seem odd. I’ve seen speculation about it featuring the Fugitive Doctor as well, or even an incarnation of the Master/Curator/Valeyard/other Time Lord.


As exciting as these are, with them finally having dates I feel more excited with the fact that Jodie will probably be announced within the next 2 years.


I definitely am excited! They were some of the highlights of the Chibnall era for me, as much as I dislike the overall changes to the Doctor, both these characters were quite beloved by me due primarily to how well they were played. They both had excellent presence in their roles.

The Fugitive Doctor is almost a complete blank slate, and that makes it extremely exciting to see what Big Finish does with it. They are filling in an era we know next to nothing about, and the possibilities are most certainly endless.

Hopefully 13 Audios are soon to follow- Jodie Whittaker is such a great actress, and I’d love to see her under a different umbrella. Hopefully Big Finish can do what they did for Colin Baker, and take a formerly very controversial and maligned Doctor to new heights. Hopefully Mandip Gill eventually features as well- the actors have immense chemistry that was sadly never taken advantage of on screen- hopefully that can happen through audio.


I’m sure we’ll get the Thirteenth Doctor Chronicles soon (and maybe Whittaker will join Big Finish in the future? She’s one of the most likely of the former Doctors to return with audio dramas)


Dhawan Master was great from the browsing I did of the Chib era. No piece of scenery was spared from him. Can’t wait to hear the audio when I finally get to it in a couple of years.


I have had these box sets pre-ordered from the day they got announced. Honestly quite curious what kind of storylines BigFinish are going to do.

Like one big question I have - will the Fugitive Doctor recieve companions?

I mean we know the person posing as Ruth’s boyfriend in Fugitive was supposed to be one of them, and Karvanista too.


ooh, i don’t do much big finish but i might have to pick up the fugitive doctor…


I’ve felt reticent in regards to the Fugitive Doctor sets because I’m not sure what they’re going to do with her, and I have a feeling they’re going to put her into very “business as usual” stories that you could imagine any other Doctor in. That’s great for some, and Jo Martin would crush it, it’s just not enough for me to bite with that price!

I’m very excited for Call Me Master though, I love what Big Finish has done with the War Master series and I hope we can be in for something as fun with Dhawan. Incredible actor, I want him to stay the Master on-screen but failing that I really hope he becomes a prominent name at Big Finish! With the Ninth Doctor Adventures recently ending I’m free to jump onto something new too at least.


Surprised how long it is taking for these audios to release, and so far we only have two Chibnall era sets announced.

I’m still half expecting some Thirteenth Doctor Adventures with Jodie Whittaker and Mandip Gill to be announced at some point.


I can’t really imagine Jacob Dudman voicing the Thirteenth Doctor. I reckon we will get full cast audios with Jodie Whittaker first before any Chronicles release. It would explain why no Thirteenth Doctor Chronicles set has been announced.


Even if he could do a cracking impression, Jacob Dudman has ‘retired’ from Big Finish unfortunately:


But what a last hurrah we got from him though. (not counting the 12 box set)