'Broken Hearts' REVIEWED!

This is only my second time posting a review here on TARDIS Guide - it was written a couple of months ago when I was still using the site that shall not be named.

Would appreciate if anyone can tell me ways to improve the format, or if looks alright.

Spent a lot of time writing this review, simply because ‘Broken Hearts’ was sublime!




Looks good to me (although I skimmed the content as the Eleventh Doctor Chronicles are still on my to buy/listen to list).


Ah, that’s fair enough. Still appreciate your feedback though, so thanks.

Highly reccomend the Eleventh Doctor Chronicles - there’s only one set I would say should be avoided, and that’s Volume 2 (it’s pretty abysmal).

But Volume 3: Geronimo is where it really gets going.

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Great review! I like how you divide it into sections and go in-depth on one aspect of the story at a time. If I had to point out one thing you could change, I don’t think the extra spoiler warning at the beginning od necessary, since the site adds the yellow banner automatically. But that’s a matter of taste of course.


That’s a fair point.

To be honest, it’s force of habit since TimeScales didn’t have a mark as spoiler feature.

I’ll not include the extra spoiler warning on the next review. Thanks.


Actually, have you also migrated from TimeScales like me?

My memory might be playing tricks on me, but I’m sure I can remember a MrColdStream who used to do reviews there a while back.

I could be confusing you with someone else, so apologies if that’s the case.


Great review for an excellent story. One of my favourites too!

I was also going to say about the spoiler warning but @MrColdStream beat me to it!


I am (or was) ColdStream96 over at Time Scales and I’ve written reviews very sporadically over the last few years. I joined Tardis Guide a couple of months back, after being told about this wonderful site in another community, and I’ve been a regular visitor and contributor ever since.

I am going to migrate all of my TS reviews over to TG at some point and delete my account so I don’t associate myself with that horrible site, but there are a lot of reviews (some of them slightly out of date), so it’s going to take some time :sweat_smile:


Yeah I’m planning on doing exactly the same. Though this does give me a chance to have a fresh start with some of my reviews (like my earliest ones on TS were quite badly written).

Is slightly daunting though… since I have about 640+ reviews to transfer over to here. Yikes!

Luckily though, I’ve got plenty of reviews to tide me over until then as I write them in bulk. So I currently have ready to be uploaded;

  • All the stories from the ‘Audacity’ set
  • All the stories from the ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’ set
  • The Ninth Doctor Chronicles in their entirety
  • Vienna Series 2
  • Four Torchwood Monthlies
  • One Companion Chronicle
  • One BBC New Series Book
  • And lastly, two VMAs

I absolutely agree, Broken Hearts has quickly become one of my favourite audios of all time and it utterly blindsided me when I listened to it with how beautiful it was. I haven’t listened to any other Lisa McMullin scripts but I’ll definitely be on the look out for more of them.


McMullin is one of my favourite BigFinish writers.

‘Broken Hearts’ was actually a sequel to one of her Eighth Doctor stories too.

More recently though, she actually wrote the debut story for Lady Audacity, and I’ve got the review of that one ready to be uploaded. ‘The Devouring’ was really good too.

And I can also reccomend the first Ninth Doctor story she wrote, which I still think is one of the best - ‘Girl, Deconstructed’.


Didn’t even realise it was a sequel, I’ll definitely have to check that out. I’ve also read the synopsis of “Girl, Deconstructed” and thought it looked fascinating so I’ll be sure to look into all of these.

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McMullin also penned a rather strange Dalek story for a Seventh Doctor box set. The whole thing was somewhat bizzare to be honest.

Think the story was called ‘Scream of the Daleks’.