Book Cover Art Appreciation Corner

I am so deeply fond of airbrush-y scifi/fantasy artwork from old books and lit magazines. I think they’re such an underappreciated art form (BIG shoutout to Michael Whelan). So I want to know what book covers you guys like and share some of my favorites here as well!!

I’m probably most obsessed with Dimension Riders. it’s like the quintessential Doctor Who cover to me. The slightly surreal imagery feels exactly right for the VNAs and I love how the Doctor’s face is rendered. the little bit of yellow rim lighting looks so nice against the dark blue background. this ones a 10/10 to me

really wish I could find the high res scan of this painting i have it saved somewhere :sob: Jon Sullivan’s art is so glossy and lavish, there’s something almost Thomas Kinkade-ish about it. It gets a little kitschy in some of his paintings, but this and Where Angels Fear are so charming to me. I love how glamorous Benny looks even if it isn’t really what she looks like in my head lol. I’d buy a print of this one in a heartbeat.


I’d have to go with The Crooked World Cover (I put in a Spoiler, since I am not too sure if it doesn’t spoil a bit of the Story). I basically like it because while it’s by no means 1:1 translation of classic Cartoon Figures and the eight Doctor in that particular HB Artstyle. I still highly respect it for trying it and as it is, it’s pretty good and charming!
In general, I miss the Time when the Covers looked a bit more interesting, no shade to the Books of the revival Show, but they can get a bit boring to look at it. They are of course well-done just don’t hit the same way as do the VNAs, EDAs and so on

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