Book Club: The Stealers of Dreams

Time for another book! We are going to read together The Stealers of Dreams

Please discuss below - no need to finish it first, discuss as you go along but please add spoiler tags for anything that could be considered a spoiler!

If you’ve previously read the book and want to join in the discussion, that’s great too!

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I read this a couple of weeks ago. I liked it. The concept is fun, interesting, and a great adventure for the ninth doctor.

I think that the concept of a world without fiction is fascinating and feel like they do a great job of exploring different aspects of it. It is also fun that stuff that is not lies but sounds incredible is thought of as fiction. I like the characters that get introduced in this book and they all bring something interesting to the table. I rate it 4/5

I would rank the Ninth Doctor books like this:

  1. Only Human
  2. Winner Takes All
  3. The Stealers of Dreams
  4. Monster Inside
  5. The Clockwise Man
  6. The Deviant Strain

Just starting it today, so i’m only a couple of chapters in, and enjoying it so far! I hope it’s not necessary to have read the previous books to understand fully with this one like in the EDAs though, but seems safe so far.


I think the NSAs are much more standalone. There might be one here and there that brings back a monster or such, but it’s not like the EDAs or VNAs that were one long arc (to varying degrees of success).


This one is completely stand-alone.


I don’t remember much but I do remember enjoying this one.


I started reading this yesterday. Glad to see another novel with this TARDIS team. The premise also seems intriguing, so I look forward to finding out where this one ends up.


I found Stealers of Dreams to be an enjoyable enough novel, although I found the resolutions to a few of the puzzles a trifle predictable. However, I did think that the world building was fairly interesting, as well as the local characters.


Probably finishing this one today. I’ve found it perfectly enjoyable, but not as exciting or engaging as Only Human. The false utopia aspect of it is the most interesting part and the characters are all well-written. But I want to see how it sticks the landing.