Book Club Schedule Question

I would like to simplify the book club schedule, as people have been asking about it and the twice-weekly-alternate-books is a little confusing.

Would it be best if we started the topics for NSA books on the 1st and VNA books on the 15th of each month?

Of course you can read either book in any order, and you can keep reading after the month has passed too - there’s no strict deadline because you can jump into the topic and discuss it after everyone else.

It’s difficult to balance the speedy readers with the people who don’t have as much time to read! And on top of that there’s the audio club too :smile: that will stay as a new audio every Friday.

Let me know your thoughts.


Hmmm, I see what you’re going for here. I like the current schedule, as I usually read these 200-300-page book club books in 2-4 days and slot other books in the gaps between the new clubs starting. With this system, I’d feel more obliged to read the two books back-to-back at the beginning of the month to join the conversations while they’re still fresh (if I wait longer, I feel like I’m missing out or falling behind if you see what I mean), even if you can join in at any time. On the other hand, this schedule would also mean that I’d have longer breaks between reading new DW books (approximately 3 weeks), which reduces the risk of me getting tired of them.


I also think the schedule as it stands with a new book every two weeks is preferable. Perhaps it could be a set date, first of the month for NSA and fifteenth for VNA


Ah yes I didn’t consider doing 1st and 15th. That could work!


So then New Series drop on the 1st of every month and New Adventures drop on 15th?

Yes that’s right, not long now til the next Timewyrm.

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I’m in the middle of putting together a 2024 schedule for all three clubs that can be a single post in the general category so that people can plan ahead easier. There’s a post in the TV Club thread about that schedule too.