Bill Filer's Mission Reports

I would like to give writing reviews a go, so I thought I would make a topic where I can link to the reviews when they are ready to go.
I have never written a review before, so it might take a couple before I find my feet.
Give them a read if you feel like it, and feel free to comment here if you have suggestions on how I can become better - or if you need to vent at me for releasing my “wrong” opinions for the world to see :sunglasses:


I like the format you’re using, it reads well to me! And I also fully agree with what you said - yes, the cavemen don’t stand up to An Unearthly Child, but really not a lot could, and it’s not as terrible as some claim


Nice review! :blush:


A great review - don’t be so modest :slight_smile:

I still disagree with almost everyone about the caveman stuff. It’s definitely more than grunts and parts of their dialogue are almost poetic.

I was just watching @ChrisStokes video review of the first story and he highlights a crucial scene - the one where the Doctor solves the murder of the Old Woman by drawing the attention to the knives carried by Za and Kal. Kal’s response of ‘it is a bad knife’ and the way Jeremy Young delivers it really shows how these episodes need wider recognition.


I agree with the others - this was a great review, short and sweet but you got the point across :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much for your kind words folks :1tardis:
Next mission report ready to be filed.
A story that means a great deal to me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That was a beautiful review, thank you for sharing it!

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Great review - I too loved The Power of the Doctor. I’m so glad the BBC asked Chibnall to do a BBC centenary episode.


I love the way stories sometimes just gets intertwined with your life, stories becomes more than the sum of their parts.

Sooo true, sometimes stories just hit. And Power was wonderful - it was a perfect celebration of everything DW is.