Big Finish “Leading Ladies” sale

Big Finish have a sale of full cast Audio Dramas starring some of the strongest female characters in all of Doctor Who.

I love all these women, particularly River Song, Missy, Liv Chenka, Donna, Rose, and Yvonne Hartman.

Which are your favourite leading ladies?

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No Liz Shaw, Jo Grant, or Barbara listed, and only one story each for Ace and Leela (both with River Song)…

(Also, only one Romana story.)

On audio, I absolutely love Liv Chenka. I’m also a big Donna fan, although I don’t think she comes across as well on audio.

Then there’s the wonderful Sarah Jane Smith, Liz Shaw, Leela, Vicki and Barbara. There are loads more companions who I would rate as strong characters, but I don’t want to get into listing them all. So many are good.

Last, but not least, the thirteenth Doctor!


This is almost word for word what I came to say!


the women of Doctor Who are like, 90% of the reason why I love the show so much :rofl: as for the list on the BF sale, Sarah Jane and River and Kate are definitely my top three :blue_heart: the list that continues after that is very, very long, and that’s not even counting minor female characters I love…

One thing definitely notable in Doctor Who is there really are a lot of strong women…



Yes, there are! Great pictures. One was flagged by the AI as NSFW, can you guess which one? :rofl:


Well, first thought would’ve been Leela. If it thought Professor Rumford was nsfw, that is pretty amusing…

(I went for that specific shot of Romana because I also like the professor. These were pretty much me popping into episodes and taking snapshots.)

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Handles just really likes the 3rd Doctor’s suit :wink:

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Incidentally, for anyone curious, the pictures are:
Barbara in The Aztecs deciding to be a goddess,
Jo Grant in The Sea Devils with the Doctor and that awful ministry guy,
Liz Shaw with the Doctor and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart in the last episode of Spearhead In Space,
Leela in the last episode of Face of Evil,
Romana I with the wonderful Professor Rumfield in Stones of Blood,
Ace battling Daleks in Remembrance of the Daleks, &
The new Brig in Battlefield.

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I already have all of these or I would certainly be taking advantage of the sale. But yes, +1 on River Song. There are countless ladies in Doctor Who that I love- but River is basically my childhood hero. My role model growing up, and hugely formative to who I am as a person, even. I never quite realized just how much until recently.

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