Best Way to Experience Missing Episodes

What do you think is the best way to experience/consume the missing episodes? Note: This is a single-choice poll.

  • Recon
  • Audio Soundtrack
  • Novelization
  • Animation
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If bbc animation available is a good choice for many wanting to explore older Doctor Who. Always nice checking out scripts, novels, recons bbc and loose cannon, other recons etc….
Something for everyone if they are interested in the missing episodes.

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Best way to experience a missing episode is to time travel back to the broadcast day, watch it live, and tape a copy.

Alternatively, time travel to after it was broadcast but before it was missing, swipe the tape, replace with a blank tape, watch the tape, then turn it into the BBC in modern times for everyone else to watch.


I admit that the animations are great, even if the styles are a bit of a mixed bag. Moving is always better than static. That said, I have never actually watched a recon. I always went with the audio soundtracks with the linking narration (and then watched the actual episode if one had been recovered).

The problem with this idea is that you can’t rewrite history. Not one line!

Seriously, though, I find the animations to be the best way to experience the missing episodes. The problem with the recons is that they vary greatly in quality depending on the level of telesnaps and other photo material available, which is very limited for some stories. I do find some of the earlier animations a bit clunky, though, before they found a more consistent style, so they can also vary in quality a bit.

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You aren’t rewriting history. If you stole the tape, you’re probably the reason it was missing in the first place.

(Did you know the reason Monty Python’s episodes aren’t missing is because one of the Pythons either bought or stole the tapes when he heard they were going to be wiped?)


Good point! I simply couldn’t resist using one of the Doctor’s iconic lines there.

Sorry for going off topic, but: I did actually know that (God bless them; they did a huge service to mankind!). My dad’s a huge Python fan, so I grew up watching The Flying Circus and the movies, and I’ve read up on them quite a bit over the years. They’re legendary!

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I like the animations but I find the best way for me to experience the missing episodes is through recons that include linking narration