Best of Segun Akinola?

One of my favorite parts of the thirteenth doctor’s era was the music. As much as I missed Murray Gold, and am excited by his return, Segun Akinola is a really talented composer in his own right. I was wondering if you all had any thoughts on his music!

I think my favorites include Thirteen’s theme, Doctor, The Doctor, and Home Sweet Home.


I don’t know most of the songs by name but I do really like Thirteen’s theme!

I love his cyberman theme, and the one that plays during the fugitive doctor reveal (I think it’s called The Lighthouse). There’s also the one from the end of the Ghost Monument when the Tardis dematerialises, and I think it’s called “Me and my Mates” from the end of Resolution.

13’s theme itself is lovely too (apparently it started as a placeholder/test track), and I really like the slower piano version from The Timeless Children


I’m a bit hazy on the names but “Sonic Screwdriver”, the Cyberman theme and the music for “Resolution”, “Legend of the Sea Devils” and “Eve of the Daleks” is really good stuff :+1:
I must admit to being a bit sad to see that Akinola departed alongside Chibnall - the way that his music was used was just perfect for the stories being told.
I often put one of his soundtracks on in the background while reading :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lots of great stuff from Akinola, and I think he’s got a particular strength in really versatile character motifs and definitely every variant of 13’s theme is great, and I’m also very fond of Yaz’s and Dan’s themes. My favorite full track of the era is without a doubt her regeneration theme, She’s The Doctor.

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I love his theme for the Master a lot and the sting whenever the Daleks appear is really good!! I’d say Flux and Power of the Doctor have my favourite soundtracks of his overall but I think It Takes You Away is an early example of an episode that is elevated so much by its score during his time.

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