Best Digital Comic reader on phones?

A few people mentioned comic readers in the Humble Bundle thread and I was just wondering what people used on their phones.

This is probably the way I’ll read any digital comics because I don’t usually find I can read them on a laptop.

I had Marvel Unlimited for a year and loved the way it would move from frame to frame at a tap and wondered if there were any apps which replicated that interface.

Or if not, any that people reckon makes the process of reading comics on a phone a viable option.


I don’t read on my phone. Just can’t get over how small the panels are. I use my iPad, and for that I use Chunky.

Sorry I can’t be more informative.

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I should have said I’m an Android guy - none of that Apple stuff in this house :slight_smile:


Sorry. I have none of that Android stuff in my house. :rofl:


I would like to double this question. I’ve tried to read comics on my phone, but while I can read other things just fine comics tend to be way too small or low quality for me. I don’t like having to zoom and move the page constantly. I’d love to hear if anyone has any recommendations.


The lack of a good comic reader on phones and computers is why I don’t read many comics. Too much zooming and pinching for my liking.

I’d also like to know good recommendations here as I own loads of comics now from bundles and want to be part of the Comic Club !

PS. Apple all the way! 


I recently got the Humble Bundle and just plan on reading the PDFs on my laptop. No sense cluttering up my phone any more than it already is. And I’m team Android. So, since there’s no direct app, I’ll just stick with my laptop. Otherwise, I’d be getting them from my library if I want the physical copies.


This is a copy/paste from another thread. These are my go-to readers.

For pc I use “cdisplayex”, for mac “simple comic” for iOS “chunky” (this is an iPad app)


I haven’t used it on mobile, but I believe YACReader that I use on my laptop has an android app, so you could try that


It seems to be a paid one. Does the PC one do anything like what I ideally want it to do? Don’t want to fork out money if its just a pdf reader.

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Yeah I also just read on my laptop

I found that reading in landscape on mobile and scrolling through the page is the best way to not have to do this.


I have always read comics digitally—sometimes on my Android phone, sometimes on my old and clunky tablet, and occasionally on my laptop. The tablet is the most comfortable solution, but it’s old and slow, so I usually use my phone these days. That is also why I subscribed to MU and began reading Marvel comics. Their panel-by-panel feature is wonderful because it makes reading comics on your phone very easy, and the entire experience feels smooth and cinematic.

However, the issue lies in the fact that this feature is exclusive to “official” comic apps, as it is built into both the app’s interface and the comic files themselves. The same feature is available for comics brought through Amazon’s Kindle app (that’s how I read the first Tenth Doctor comic for the club). DC has the same feature for their comics app (still not available in Finland).

I have spent some time online researching comic book reader alternatives for Android. There are plenty of comic book readers out there, but none of them have a similar panel-by-panel feature because you have to code the feature into every comic separately for it to work perfectly (because comics vary in style). I’ve tried a couple of Android apps that have attempted to replicate the feature, but they’ve been very clunky; they jumped around the page randomly and zoomed into weird places, so it was impossible to read the comic. As far as I know, there are a couple of supposedly good apps with this feature for Apple devices, but I’m not an Apple user, so I can’t say for certain.

Unless you’re willing to read your comics on a tablet, this seems to be the only viable solution for reading on a phone. That’s what I do, and it’s somewhat annoying, but it works and removes the constant need for pinching and zooming.


I tried Panels for iPhone which was supposed to have a panel-for-panel function but I don’t think that it worked that well. Maybe with a couple of years with AI it will work.

Humble themselves have something about this on their support page

Personally I just use panels or read the pdf. I don’t mind zooming in that much.

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You know, while I have an Android phone, the trouble is I don’t have a comic reader on there at the moment. I used to have Comixology’s on my phone, a phone or two ago, but as I remember, Amazon destroyed it.

I do notice that CDisplayEx seems to be in the Android store with two versions; a paid one, and a free “Lite” version. Think the lite one has ads. Also saw a free one called Comic Screen, but that seems to also have ads…

CDisplayEx is one of the better comic book readers for Android. I’ve been using the paid version, and it works nicely. It has some great features and good customization. Astonishing Comic Reader is pretty good as well.


Just checked and apparently Astonishing Comic Reader isn’t available for my device because it was made for an older version of Android.

My phone’s relatively new, because my old phone was barely getting cell reception and I had to replace it a few months ago…

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I’d like to throw Tachiyomi into the mix. It requires a bit of technical know-how to install, but it has a lot of different customizable functions that really click for me.

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I’ve downloaded Panels and will give that a go when I find some free time to finally re-read a Comic for the club!