Best audio adventure with each incarnation of the Master?

Currently on something of a Master-marathon at the minute, and would love to know everyone’s favourite stories for each incarnation.


  • The One We Don’t Speak About
    ‘The Home Guard’

  • The “UNIT” Master
    ‘Rivers of Light’

  • The “Decayed” Master
    ‘I Am The Master’ or ‘Master’

  • The “Tremas” Master
    ‘The Auton Infinity’

  • The “Bruce” Master
    ‘The Lifeboat and the Deathboat’

  • The “Reborn” Master
    ‘UNIT: Dominion’

  • The War Master
    ‘Anti-Genesis’ or ‘Killing Time’

  • The “Saxon” Master

  • Missy
    ‘The Bekdel Test’ or ‘Day of the Master’


The Master isn’t a character that I seek out that often, but I fully second your choices of Master, The Bekdel Test, and Anti-Genesis. I keep meaning to listen to Masterful, but I’ve never quite got round to it and there’s so much else to listen to that it often gets forgotten by me.


Highly reccomend ‘Masteful’ - especially if your favourite incarnations are “Decayed” and “Bruce”: they get some of the greatest material.


For Missy I really enjoy the Series 1 release The Broken Clock. It’s a very weird story, but I enjoy the hell out of it.


For me it’d have to be:

  • [REDACTED] Master: Blood of the Time Lords

  • Unit Master: Terror of the Master

  • Decayed Master: Master

  • Tremas Master: Auton Infinity

  • The Bruce Master: Day of the Master

  • Reborn Master: The Two Masters

  • The War Master: Anti-Genesis

  • The Saxon Master: Masterful

  • Missy: The Martian Invasion of Planetoid 50

  • The Lumiat: Time Lord Immemorial


The bottom one is a load of fun as a character.

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Indeed, I was just covering all my bases by spoiling stuff just in case lol


I really like the first appearance in The Lumiat from Missy 2


I haven’t actually heard any of the Missy boxsets, should I check them out?

The first box set is a lot of fun.

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oooh excellent, I shall check it out

They are good fun. They don’t change the landscape of storytelling, but they give you more Missy, which is a plus. Out of 11 stories, only 2 of them are ‘Meh’. My average was about 3.5 for the entire series.

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oh wonderful, that sounds like a very strong range then

Nice, I do like Bruce - maybe I’ll download it and that might make me remember it exists!