Belated introduction!


A long time whovian here, who was only just now tipped off that this website and forum exist. I had no idea. Special thanks to Sircarolyn for tipping me off.

Though having been a whovian for about a decade now, I’ve narrowed my tastes down to quite a niche corner of the universe. I’m largely interested in everything Kaldor related, and I’ve been happily dipping my toes into Liv Chenka and Helen Sinclair audios for a few years now - with the occassional branching out to other audios, like Gallifrey! I’m probably best known within the fandom for my fanart of aforementioned companions, as well as participation in a fanzine here and there.

That’s me in a nutshell :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m not giving up my artist handle, but, if you happen to know it… well, that’s really quite alright <3


hiiiii this is my friendddd <333


Hey, welcome to the forum!!!


Welcome to the forum. Your part of the fandom is one I don’t have explored at all (yet!).

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Just another testament to how much content there is on offer after all these years! It’s rather brilliant really (how much there is, but the ranges too, of course. I can really recommend The Robots 1-6!)


Welcome :hugs:

I’ve not explored Kaldor much, although after listening to loads of Liv Chenka (love her) I am tempted to try The Robots sets!


@shauny I can tell you right now, you won’t regret it! Especially if you love Liv, that range is really worth it. She really gets to shine in full in those stories!


The Robots is SO good, it’s easily one of BF’s best ranges ever, it works so well and it’s a wonderful testament to The Robots of Death as well as expansive on Liv and her life


Hi and welcome to :tardis: guide. Kaldor City and Robot is on my list to check out.




@elicienwalker as a Liv Chenka fan, can you recommend a better picture for her here?

That one is a publicity shot from Big Finish but it doesn’t really represent Liv to me.

Also if you wanted to write a short paragraph about her for that page, that would be awesome :smiley: and you’d get a badge :wink:

(Same for Helen as well!)


Hi @shauny of course I could do that, and I’d absolutely love to! Do I just drop them in this thread for you when I have them, or do you want me to drop them elsewhere? (Sorry for the questions, still finding my feet here!)

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You can just post them here, or send me a private message (click on my avatar then click Message). Thanks! :heart:

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I was just planning to message you because I had a question regarding the sizing of the images (do you want a certain amount of pixels width and lenght?) but when I click on your avatar I am not seeing a message button, unless I am of course blind as a bat :sweat_smile:

Ohhh it might be because you are too new. You will earn the ability to message as you use the forum more :smiley:

1024px squared would be perfect, but if you have smaller than that I can scale them up & enhance with some software!

Hi Shauny, here’s Liv’s! I’ll get working on Helen’s next. It shouldn’t take me too long. The icon should be 1024px squared, or well, it is when I last checked in my editting software. Feel free to tweak the text and spell correct it. I might be fluent in English but spelling mistakes still slip in from time to time :sweat_smile:

A med-tech from the planet Kaldor, Liv is smart, sarcastic, determined, stubborn and always ready to lend a helping hand. She has a hand of getting into tricky situations but always manages to get out of them, too, hoping to leave a place better than she found it. It is in her nature to put the wellbeing of others before her own.

Growing up feeling like she never belonged meant that she was eager to travel off-world, and did so by joining the space service. After a brief encounter with the Seventh Doctor, she became a companion of the Eighth Docter when she met him again on Nixyce VII, a planet under Dalek occupation. She has been his companion ever since.


Wonderful, thank you


Great job @elicienwalker that looks so much better


@shauny and here’s Helen! Again, feel free to tweak and spell correct! It was a bit harder to find a photograph of Helen where she wasn’t positioned awkwardly or half hidden behind other characters, so I hope this suffices!

London born and raised, Helen is an intelligent, sceptical and very compassionate woman. Her intelligence translates to her work, and above all else she admires lexicology and linguistics.

Living in the 1960s she felt that society had never allowed her to be the best that she could be and it was after she was passed over for a promotion at the National Museum that she got accidentally roped in with the Eighth Doctor and Liv Chenka.

When they asked her to travel with them, she accepted the offer with open arms. Helen was pleased that her strengths were celebrated rather than feared whilst travelling with them and over time came to consider them as close to her as family.


Brilliant, thank you!

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