BBC shared 200 Doctor Who scripts!

Wanted to share this news here- the BBC just put up 200 Doctor Who scripts in their writers room, including all three 60th anniversary specials and Church on Ruby Road, episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures, Torchwood, and other spinoffs.

Also, my favorite thing I’ve discovered so far is that the script from the 15th Doctor audition is on here!


Nice! Thanks for sharing :blush:

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Splendid, they could definitely be useful to me in the future.

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They’ve also now added Torchwood: Script Library - Torchwood


I’ll be adding links to these from their episodes when I get a chance.


I found reading some of them surprisingly gripping! Rewatched Turn Left and the Stolen Earth recently and was interested to see the scripts and found even after having just seen the episodes they kept me reading… Part of it was how RTD sounded so enthusiastic and excited in the stage directions by big moments on screen, I couldn’t help but be excited too :smiley: