BBC Micro Doctor Who Games

Just thought I’d point out these old Doctor Who BBC Micro games that you can actually play online in your browser…


Tried out “The Five Doctors and the Twin Dilemma”, and have now killed Peter Davison with a Tissue Eliminator… :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s amazing :star_struck: Thanks for the link :+1:

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No problem! It just suddenly occurred to me that there was bound to have been at least one or two Doctor Who text adventure games along the way, so I took a look and found them.

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I’m old enough to have had a BBC Micro as our home computer. I spent hours programming a simple adventure game (lines and lines and lines of code).

But I never had the Doctor Who games (although I do now have a copy of the First Adventure but nothing to play it on). So thanks for this link.


You’re welcome!

I’m actually interested in retro computers, though I never did have a BBC Micro.

I did have a TRS-80/Tandy Color Computer 3, though, with some adventure games for it. I know in the UK, the Dragon 32/64 was a Coco clone…

(These days, I actually bought an Agon Light, so I’ve got a little modern eZ80 based computer I can run BBC Basic on.)

Ooh. Thanks for the link. When looking into adding games to the site I did consider these but thought not many people would have had a chance to play… I may reconsider now. I heard they are really difficult though.

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No problem!

One nice thing on the retro computer side is that for old enough systems, websites just having emulators built in where you can run them in your browser is getting more common.

Admittedly, while I like text adventures, my standard tends to be Infocom or later parsers, so using some of the older ones from before that era can be irritating. To see what I mean, try playing this much later (not doctor who related) text adventure in your browser and compare: