Badges for reviews, and reviewer ranks

I’d like some feedback on this from you, the website members!

Here is what I wrote about this when first planning it:

Who doesn’t like badges?! I’m of course going to make some for reviews. They will mostly be to do with reviews that receive likes, to encourage the best reviews. There will also be badges for giving out likes, to encourage reading and interacting.

And for our most prolific reviewers, special badges and titles for having highly-liked reviews. Something to aim for!

Does anyone have any ideas for how best to handle this? I’m thinking of adding badges for:

  • Submitting a certain number of reviews, different ranks which get exponentially harder to earn (e.g. 1, 10, 50, 100)
  • Getting a number of likes on reviews, different ranks which get exponentially harder to earn (e.g. 1, 10, 50, 100)
  • Giving likes on reviews, different ranks which get exponentially harder to earn (e.g. 1, 10, 50, 100)

I also want to add special badges for getting a large amount of likes on a single review.

Those will all encourage people to write more reviews and to give and receive likes.

But then I want to add some kind of “reviewer rank”, like The Time Scales had, but better obviously. This will be based on owning combinations of those badges.

I’m all ears for suggestions of names of ranks and how many there should be!


I think how you have it set out is good. Having them be 1, 10, 50, 100, 500 would be best in my opinion. After 500 reviews, you are kinda a big reviewer.

The only badge I don’t like is the Giving Likes one. It might encourage people to go and like all the reviews until they have it.


Any ideas for names of ranks?

I guess…

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I feel it could just be ‘Reviewer Level X’ not sure on the one for liked reviews though

I do like the idea of a giving likes badge but also yeah it does feel like people might game the system :confused:

Trying to think of thematically relevant names is hard too… the best I’m coming up with is something silly like The Scribe of Rassilon for the number of reviews written


I see where you are coming from for the likes one, and think it would be gppd. Who doesn’t love a bit of encouragement?

Just as a thought, how about some badges for different types of reviews, too? Like badges for reviewing audios, tv episodes, books, games? You could also have some badges for reviewing spinoffs (class, torchwood, K9, etc…).


Oh, namewise, badges for reviewing SJA should be journalist themed…


That’s a great idea actually!

I have a lot of badges to add, then…


Yeah, I like it because it rewards people for having a specialty, and probably gives them something they can put by their name specifying what type of reviewer they are if they want. (And comics should undoubtedly be in the categories, too.)

Of course, there should probably be a multimedia one for reviews in several categories, too…


Seeing as I’ll be a shoein for that badge, absolutely!


If we’re doing that, there could also be badges for reviewing every episode of each Doctor. Just rating isn’t enough anymore!


Well… the idea of a badge for reviewing things that didn’t have the Doctor in them occurred to me. It’d be pretty similar to the spinoff one, though.

It wouldn’t necessarily have to be an individual badge for each spinoff, though. Just one in general for reviewing things that aren’t mainline Doctor Who.

I just love badges. The more badges the better!


Do we have a badge for getting badges yet? “Earned 50 badges” or some such?

(Also, “Earned the same badge 10+ times”?)


Haha that’s on my todo list, just need to figure out how many badges will exist in total when I’m finished adding them.

(Plus currently I only have the logic in place for ratings-related badges. I’m procrastinating adding other types a bit because will be a big chunk of work)


Admittedly, there’s a bit of self interest in that I’d already have earned that “same badge” one twice by now. :tada:

(Difficult to implement is definitely a good reason not to have done it yet…)