Badge ideas

Badges for rating stories on the main site are now live, and being granted to Patrons first.

I haven’t finished adding a nice overview on the main site but for now you can see them listed here: TARDIS Guide Forum

There are also some extra, secret badges, and loads more to come.

Here are a few I’m going to be adding soon (none of these are secret ones):

  • An extra badge for each month you are a Patron (what’s a good Doctor Who image that represents Patron?)
  • Badges for being the first to rate a story, or for rating an older story not many other people have rated.
  • Special badges for sets of Audio dramas and for series of books
  • A badge for being Verified on the site
  • Badges for adding your links to the site to reviews, podcasts, etc
  • Yearly badges granted if you rate everything released in the Whoniverse for that year (this will have to wait until I’ve finished adding it all!)
  • A badge for contributing Guides to the site
  • More monster badges like the Cybermen and Daleks ones
  • Badges for behind-the-scenes stuff when that comes
  • Badges for setting “currently reading” when that is done
  • I will eventually make it more automated to suggest changes to stories on the site and you’ll get badges for doing that.
  • A badge for suggesting a new quote, and badges for favouriting them
  • Badges for collecting thing and for saving things to lists
  • When the big new Recommendation feature comes, and you need to train it by saying your favourite Doctors, Companions, Monsters etc, you’ll get badges based on that
  • Badges for rewatching (patrons only feature)
  • Badges for following people and gaining lots of followers

Lots of plans!

Does anyone have any ideas for any other badges - normal or secret? I have a long list but would be good to hear what you think!


I may be alone in this but I actually prefer the idea of a more limited set of achievements that are mostly gained from rating tv stories and don’t require any deep dives into expanded media

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Badges for special events, either holidays or april fools silliness going on on the site.

Badges for watching an episode within the first week it aired.

I think you talked about having quizzes and trivia questions on the site at one point. Badges for getting them right?

A badge for coming back after a long absence.

A badge for your profile picture regenerating. (changing)


Some great ideas thanks.

And yes I need a badge for adding a profile picture in the first place because lots of people still don’t have one and that bugs me :upside_down_face:!

No problem! And you could have one for adding a picture and then another the first time you change it…

There should actually probably be one for cover photo, too. I haven’t gotten around to setting one.

(You could have some random pictures it chooses from if you don’t have a profile picture. Like a cyberman, dalek or silence headshot, for example. Maybe an option to choose a premade avatar if you don’t feel like uploading one. [And you should probably be able to add an emoji to the end of your username…])

The Whoniverse is a big place and I don’t want to limit it just to the TV stories.

These badges are just a bit of fun, and they are to encourage people to explore the whole gamut of content available.

I wish it were all free for everyone to experience, that’s my only regret!

If we get enough members I’m thinking of running competitions to win Big Finish vouchers :grin:


Yes, good idea! I was thinking of offering some sample ones to choose from, or I was thinking of automatically showing one based on your favourite era (by ratings) which could then be overridden.

Have you seen the members page? I do automatically show random monsters for those that haven’t chosen an avatar :joy: however it’s not actually set as their avatar, I wanted them to be encouraged to add their own.

I’ve been looking at a plugin which lets me offer different ones to choose from, but I like them being more unique rather than an army of Cybermen :smiley:

Interesting. I’ll look into that. As an alternative, you can make a badge be your “Title” and I could possible put emoji in badges…

Basing this off my experiences with video game achievements and other sites that have implemented achievement systems: I just personally find that a sorta limited list of achievements serves to be an exciting bonus while I’m doing what I’d normally do and then encourages me to branch out to some other stuff to pick up a few extras, even if I’m not necessarily trying to achievement hunt all of them, while a giant list of achievements that I could never possibly hope to collect just kinda makes me not engage with them much at all. Can see the appeal to some people of a more expansive list I just find that it tends to have the opposite effect for me sometimes where instead of encouraging me to explore new things it just makes them seem more daunting. I also find that too many meta achievements like adding links, making suggestions, etc. can make achievements feel like they’re more tedious than fun. Perhaps it’s possible to avoid a lot of those issues somewhat while still having a lot of fun badges by just having clear categories for them and/or keeping a lot of them hidden.

Actually hadn’t looked at the member page yet. For that matter, not totally sure where I’d set a title…

(Might actually be a bit funny if all the people with no profile picture were the Silence.)

I understand!

They will be categorised. Maybe I can add a feature so you can just hide the categories you’re not interested in.

And most of the Audio and Book ones will be hidden by default, I don’t want an endless list.

Thanks for your feedback :smile:

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You just reminded me, there’s a Silence emoji but I didn’t really like the look of it. Should I add it?


You can set a title by choosing from a dropdown on your forum profile. Titles come from badges. I will be integrating it more into the main site so maybe I can let you set it there too.

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Awesome, yeah I think that as long as it’s not a daunting list having a bunch should be pretty fun. Definitely having some for just rating your first audio/book/comic/etc. would be a nice way to nudge people into expanded media.

Not sure what all plans you’ve got for profiles but being able to have the home page of your profile showcase a selection of like favorite badges, stories, quotes, etc. would be really great


I’ll admit I’d probably look and see if a better one turns up. This one seems to be from


And, yeah, better integration would be good. I swear I’m looking past it…

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This won’t be news to @shauny but I’m all up for as many different badges as possible especially ones which cover ‘all the Zygon stories’ or ‘all the Skaro stories’ but have to include the expanded universe (otherwise you’d get them by default by watching the TV show).

I’d also like secret badges for loving unlvoved stories - not just the obvious one :blush: but any others of those unloved stories.

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Or, say, a Beep badge for ‘all the Meep stories’ ?


The list is endless really so I do get what Flora is driving at. Categorising them and maybe having the function of switching them off (patron-only?) could be the way to go to satisfy all points of view on this.

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I will say “all the story” badges are ones I’d tend to say to have be hidden ones, so you get them unexpectedly when you just happen to be obsessive enough to get them…

Ooh I just had an idea.

Maybe if I have badge progress, so you see the next badge available to you but hide follow-on badges for example:

“Audio beginner” (or something) rate 1 audio drama.

Then if you unlock that you can see the next one to unlock which is:

“We love stories” rate 50 audio dramas

And only after unlocking that one do you see

“For the love of stories” rate 100 audio dramas



This is definitely a solid option for any that are just about numbers like that

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Having badges about making progress would be encouraging. (Though hopefully in smaller increments then that. If listening to four more audios would get me a rankup, it might push me to do it, but not forty-nine…)

Probably “watched all of x Doctor” badges, “watched all of x era”, and such, as well?