Autosave Function

Can an autosave function be added into reviews by any chance?

I just spent nearly an hour writing my review on Dot and Bubble but the page had been open since last night, meaning that the link to upload it had expired and the page reloaded, deleting the entire review.

I understand if this would not be possible at this time but it would be incredibly helpful, something akin to the feature on the Time Scales.


I believe @shauny has talked about wanting to implement something similar at some point. A general piece of advice, though, is to always write the review on an external document (such as a Word or Google Docs document) and then copy-paste it over to TG. This way it is saved on your computer in case the site crashes or something.


Gonna echo what @MrColdStream said. I understand that Microsoft Office can be rather expensive too - which is why I use an opensource software called LibreOffice that does basically the same thing.

But this is like a fraction of the review documents I’ve got, cause if my internet dropped out or the site crashed I’d probably be in tears losing all that work.


Following the above mentioned experience, I should probably start doing this.

Thanks for the advice.


No problem! This is what I personally do, primarily due to the fact that I often have multiple reviews in progress at the same time, and I also benefit from the additional feature of spellcheck, as I am not a native English speaker :joy:


Sorry to hear you lost your work.

I’d definitely recommend writing it offline first just in case, even if I built an auto save.

I had an auto save function working but it stripped out all formatting (bold, italic) which wasn’t ideal.

I think I’ll try and write a warning that tells people to first work on their review offline. Just to make it clear. You can use Notepad on Windows or Notes on a Mac, doesn’t have to be anything special.

Apologies again!


I’m very basic and tend to write my reviews in the notes app! It’s heartbreaking that you lost your work though, it always sucks when that happens