Automatic bumping

So, will this automatic bump happen to every thread if it’s left long enough?

Just to let you know, automatic bumping is on for certain categories - it is to surface old topics that new members may want to join in with.

It’s been quite successful so far!

One post per category per day will be bumped. I will monitor it and see how it goes.

I am closing old posts which don’t make sense to bump - things about time-limited sales for example.

I think the main thing about the auto bumping is that:
a) It’s going to get me re-replying to things I already replied to if I’m not careful.
b) I’m likely to end up getting replies to things I don’t remember saying…

I could also see it potentially bumping threads with controversial subjects that we might be glad discussion ended on in the future, too.


That doesn’t really matter though does it? Maybe your opinion has changed on something.

Good point. But we can close those ones preemptively if it’s going to be an issue.

It’s just an idea. I’ve seen new people come and bump old stuff themselves. And also we’ve had people create new topics which have already been discussed (looking at you @deltaandthebannermen lol).

If we don’t like it I can turn it off!


I’ve just had some experience with people, say, going and responding to a post in which you were speculating on things around season 3 of a show, and the show is now on season 9 and things you said didn’t pan out, that sort of thing…

I also, admittedly, have a general principle of picking whichever path causes admins/mods the least work. :stuck_out_tongue:

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