Audio Club: The Sirens of Time

A month after I heard this I think my lasting impressions is, thinking back, how quick this one seems to go by. With the splitting of the narrative for 3/4 there is always something new happening. Contrast this with some releases where they could cut 30 minutes to make a snappier and more enjoyable adventure.


I’m listening to this on spotify and don’t have premium, which is leading to some unintented hilarity with ads


“What is your name?”


Finished up part two, also really enjoyed that, definitely looking forward to seeing how it all ties together


Finished up the story, I’m torn between a 6 and a 7, the plot definitely feels a bit middled in places, splitting the adventure the way it does (one part with each doctor and then bringing them together for the end) is really nice in terms of bringing them all back, letting them all stand on their own before showing them together, but it doesn’t really give enough time to each of them for their individual plots to have too much depth.

Part one wasn’t as bad for it, but 2 and 3 did feel potentially a little rushed.

That all said, part 4 bringing them all together is really fun, and I can’t imagine what it’d’ve been like listening to this when it dropped. I love their interactions, and they all do just shine.

Overall ended up giving it a 7/10


Ah, the first MR Release, and an interesting one at that!
While the sound design still had a long way to go, I think it’s still an impressive task that they pulled off pretty solid!

I love the idea of having for each Doctor an episode before we hear all of them at the end. Those can quite vary from the Quality sadly and some were more intriguing than others to me. I think at the end, it’s the novelty of new doctor who and the promise of new stuff from the 80s Doctors and later 8 that makes me sympathized to that release.
On its own, it’s very fine. A fine enough multi doctor story, but I respect it a lot.


Well I’m finally caught up on the TV Club so it’s time for me to embark on the Audio Club at long last.

The size of the backlog is pretty daunting, but I generally get through several 2-hour stories in a week so I’ll catch up eventually.

I first listened to the Sirens of Time back in the day and don’t recall being very impressed with it, but I quite enjoyed it this time around. Yes there were problems with some voices being too quiet, especially when I am listening in the car, but for a first release it was actually pretty accomplished.

As regards the story, it was surprisingly ambitious & timey-wimey (before that word had even been invented!) By part 3 it was obvious that the girls were all the same person but we were clearly meant to have twigged that, so it was not the glaring flaw in the story that I had originally believed it to be.

The one in the 4th story still came as a surprise to me though. I enjoyed the multi-doctor interactions but was confused as to how 5 & 7 had got there and by how it got resolved in the end (& why did they end up in 7’s episode instead of 6’s)?

Shades (or foreshadowing?) of the problems with Ravagers…


So, for the 25th anniversary of this story, Nick Briggs and Big Finish are releasing a director’s cut of the story: The Sirens of Time revisited  - News - Big Finish. I figure that if anyone picks it up, they can discuss it here. There is also a separate thread for the announcement (The Sirens of Time - Redux) that may be worth merging into this thread, I don’t know.


As mentioned elsewhere, I’m toying with the idea of working my way through my audios on my long commutes, and so I’ve started today with Sirens (nothing to do with the Redux announcement, it’s just the earliest one I have).

IMO it was a really good way to start BF’s main range, a story using all 3 Doctors that had signed on board, giving each a mini-adventure before bringing them all together.


After listening to this yesterday, I decided to try to write a review for this, although I’m still not sure about how I want to format/arrange them exactly.

My thoughts in short: It is an enjoyable story, but a bit confusing to me at times.


BigFinish really chose this car crash to get the redux treatment?

Their 25th Anniversary, and we’re getting the writtien equivalent of a turd rammed through the letterbox!

As of today, my review of ‘The Sirens of Time’ is available to read.

If you enjoy reading these reviews, do feel free to drop them a like - I’m working towards those illustrious reviewer badges.


Well written review. I disagree with 90% of it.


It’s a good review, but like Robot, I disgree with at least some of it. Sirens is by no means great, but it’s not as bad as you say. I do agree that the Seventh Doctor episode is the weakest of the episodes, but in my eyes it’s not as bad as you make it out to be. I think the Sixth Doctor episode is the best of the three and Colin is great in it. I’m not mad, everyone has their own opinions, it’s what makes fandom great, I just don’t agree with most of yours in this case. That said, it’s an excellently-written review.


Fair enough haha


Sweet! Something else bookmarked for later!
Love it!


I agree with your review, but a 4/10 is more than it deserves.

I didn’t like it the first time and now, on second spin, it’s just as terrible as I remember. Utter gar-bahge.


I was only so lenient with it because it was the first Doctor Who outing BigFinish made.

Trust me, if we’re able to separately review the Redux here when that’s released, I will not be as kind.


Hopefully by the time it’s released I will have released the “alternate versions of this story” feature which will allow you to do exactly that!


This is one of the only audios I’ve ever listened to and I have to say I was just confused more than anything but I gather that isn’t an unpopular opinion on this story.

Each episode following a different Doctor was fun but idk I felt it added to the confusion for me, by the end of it I honestly don’t think I could relay the plot back to you.

Overall I’ll give it a 5/10 as I have no baseline to compare it to being one of the only audio stories I’ve ever experienced.


I recommend you try some of the newer ones, they are all much better than this!! :laughing:


Heck, you don’t even need to listen to the newer ones. There are some great audios even in the first 50 that squash SoT.