Audio Club: The Fearmonger

Finished this tonight and it really is very good.

I remembered the twist about who the creature was in around the time the story suggests it is inside the Doctor but that part is done very well and I like how the story builds on the narrative of Season 26 of the Doctor testing Ace and how this story makes that part of the denouement.

The cliffhanger to Part Three is weirdly cut into the theme tune but that is something that happens a lot in early Big Finishes (Winter for the Adept has some very odd decisions about where to cut to the theme tune).

Jacqueline Pearce is excellent - a villain who thinks they are the good guy and one who is almost the most human adversary the Doctor has come up against. She simply lets everyone else, including the general public, achieve her aims for her. It’s excellent writing and a brilliant performance.

I’m off to the guide to re-rate this one higher than I had it


I also miss the days of the Lee Sullivan artwork promos for these releases. The Fearmonger was the first release to get one of these:


ahhh i love these little promo comics!! Lee Sullivan probably has my favorite art style out of all of the artists I’ve seen doing these. He definitely draws my favorite Evelyns… she’s so cute in his art for Bloodtide !!


I’ve just finished this (I know, I’m running behind, but hey I’m also trying to build new features for the site :D)

Absolutely loved this one. Just as I was a bit worried that I wasn’t all that happy with the Main Range so far, this one blew all the others out of the water. Seven and Ace were particularly good, I love their chemistry together. And there are some excellent quotes, some of which I’ve added here. Love it.



that’s the danger of the Main Range unfortunately - there are some real gems but there are also a whole bunch which are just a slog :confused:


I sent you a few from this too using the Discord channel.

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Nice thanks, I’ll check it now.

“This is ridiculous! How can you go from plenty of time to running out of time in no time at all?” This is my favourite quote from the first BF story with plenty of them. And this week’s audio features many more!

McCoy’s delivery of that line makes it golden!


Yeah I loved that one :smile:

Just given this a listen again. I like it a lot more than I did previously. I gave it a 4/5.

Here is my non-spoiler review:


I just learned that. Makes Ace shouting at him more fun.


The Doctor, Ace and the concept of the fearmonger were great in this ep.

The rest just wasn’t my thing…
The back and forth between Walter now he’s good and now he’s bad again. good bad good bad

The annoying Sherilyn harper, the abundance of politics.

Nope, my brain already turns off at the word “election”