Audio Club: Sword of Orion

I thought this was a beautiful story, I enjoyed it. There were some parts that were a little confusing but frankly that’s normal for audio dramas, I thought the best part was the ending because it plays so strongly on emotion


The plot might be a little eh, but that doesn’t really matter. I find its main sell is the atmosphere that is almost horror-like. There is almost not a single scene not filled with uneasiness. Like there is always a Cyberman or any of their mind controlled mates lurking in the shadows, and you can’t do anything about em.

I am also quite fond of the really obvious android~human war stuff. Not necessarily original, but still competently executed.

So basically im a sucker for ‘atmosphere’ which i use whenever i cant competently explain why i like something whatcha gonna do about it


Am I the only one who would like a return to the Garazone Bazaar? I kinda like that ringtone in the background. Also, I think the only other we’ve visited here was the awful Nekromanteia (he says as he quickly checks the wiki). Okay, so it also appears or is at least mentioned in The Human Factor from the Daleks Empire series and Beautiful Chaos, a Tenth Doctor/Donna novel.


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It drives me barmy! (I may have mentioned that…)


You have. I still kind of like it. It adds to the atmosphere of the place.


So, for me, this is great audio. The Doctor and Charley are great as always, and while not terribly memorable, the guest cast is competent. The atmosphere in this one is its real drawing point as it captures the “space salvagers meets cybermen” vibe excellently. For me, this is another piece of audio that, while not true confort Who, comes fairly close. It feels like an 80’s or 90’s space sci-fi flick that isn’t quite true horror, but has that gritty mysterious edge to it. This is like Alien, if it had Cybermen instead of Xenomorphs and the Doctor instead of Ripley.


I’ve not heard this one in a while, but I have heard it twice and very much enjoyed it both times, despite some trepidation the second time as most people I know seem to find it very dull. But no, I think it’s really good, better than Storm Warning (which I also like), and only not my favorite of the first McGann audio season because Minuet in Hell is just too fun.


I’m falling behind in the Audio Club :grimacing: I listened to this one today and actually rather enjoyed it (though I listened to it right after Four from Doom’s Day, and I would have enjoyed absolutely anything after hearing Sooz Kempner try to sound like Peter Capaldi :thinking: ).

There’s a lot of good world-building with the Orion war between the humans and the androids over android rights, but the plot of the story is pretty straightforward. Not sure if there was enough story for a full-length main range, it felt like it could have been cut down to a single one hour episode like the Lucie Miller ones.

Charley and 8 are really good together, but then again Paul McGann is good with anyone :blush:

3,5/5 :star:


I recently started listening to the Eighth Doctor’s audios in order and Sword of Orion was like my third or fourth audio from Paul McGann. I never really knew his Doctor so I decided I would want to dig into his “first” series of audiodramas. Starting with the TV Movie till Zagreus and everything in between (like the new Charley boxset and short trips). I’m very new to this site and to audio dramas because I’ve only started listening in February, but let us get started.

Release Date: 26 February 2001

Listening Date: 26 May 2024

Runtime: 2:03:18

For me this whole story felt incredibly dull from the previous story. It was a much slower story in pace but for me it just didn’t work. The Doctor and Charley basically going from one ship to another. I mainly liked the first and last part of the story. I think the plost twist was incredible and was quite emotional for me and I also The Great Cyberwar was mentioned and was the main focus of the whole story which was quite fascinating actually. So my rating is a 6/10 because it wasn’t that bad, it was just dull.