Audio Club: Storm Warning

A solid 3,5/5 :star: I would say. A good story just shy of being great.
It is great how it sets up the whole mystery about Charley being out of time, and how it cements the romanticised era of the 8th Doctor.
Everything else about this story has already been said I suppose :slightly_smiling_face:

Paul McGann and India Fisher are really good together, but it is Paul McGann with Sheridan Smith that have the greatest place in my heart :wink:


This was the first Big Finish audio drama that I listened to two years ago, and I think that I enjoyed it more the second time now that I know what to expect from a Doctor Who serialized audio drama, and the Eighth Doctor in general. It seemed to draw upon the characterization of the Eighth Doctor in the TV movie while still providing a distinct story and experience. I thought that Charlie Pollard’s introduction was interesting, with her personality shining through as more forceful than perhaps some other classic companions. The way she jumps at the chance to travel with the Doctor is intriguing. Although re-establishing the Doctor and establishing Charley should be first priority, I do wish that I could have gotten to know some of the side characters better, though.


I’ve just finished this. It was the first time I’d listened to it in years. I rather enjoyed it. The Doctor talking to himself at the beginning was annoying, but at least they did ‘lampshade’ it. 4/5


I really enjoyed this! I wanted to try out some of the older big finish stuff but given that I haven’t yet seen most of classic who, I thought eight might be a good jumping on point, and I was right. I think I’m going to like both him and Charley has characters, this was a good start at least.


Maybe I am a bit bias since I was already big on 8 anyways, but I must say I really enjoyed this one. Sure, in some ways it plays some things safe, but I think it delivers on what it wants to be perfectly!
I love the setting, I love the idea, and the instant report between 8 and Charley is lovely. I’d think at some point McGann still feels unsure how to adapt to this new medium and especially playing this part again, but from what he did, I think he did pretty good.
The Sound Design is also so much better and helps you to picture this whole situation! Overall this may not be the best audio we ever had but honestly for me, it’s a favorite out of the first bunch. Really charming, filled with some superb ideas!


Oh i love storm warning sm!!


Finally listened to this!

Completely unlike me, I’ve listened to 8’s audios all wrong. I started with Dark Eyes briefly but didn’t get on with it, then a while later I started Stranded and loved it, so decided to listen to everything in order but starting with Lucie Miller.

Normally I’m a stickler for doing things in order but I really didn’t want to listen to just a part of the Main Range, which is the reason for skipping it, and Blood of the Daleks was a natural starting point.

So here we are, and thanks to the Audio Club I am back full circle and listening to the Main Range in order, which means I am finally at Storm Warning!

It may be the monumental moment of finally listening, or the loads of praise this story gets, but I was kinda disappointed. As some have said, it starts off well, Charley is a delight, and then it’s all “uncreator prime” this and “uncreator prime” that. It all got very annoying (I hate when aliens keep repeating the same words, and when they do things like call him “Doctor, the” all the time). A lot of it felt like they ran out of ideas and stretched it about 25 minutes longer than it needed to be just by repeating the same lines again and again.

But it’s still delightful, I loved how Charley joined the TARDIS and how it is set up for her to be a mystery box companion - my favourite kind. I can tell I’m going to enjoy this journey.



cough… Charley.… cough


I love this story. McGann and India Fisher shine in this (though after listening to the most recent Eight boxsets, man do they sound young). The guest cast is excellent and the sound effects and incidental music just shine. An excellent companion introduction, and a really good Doctor reintroduction too. I enjoy the plot and just have fun with this. One of those great comfort Big Finish stories. Not really anything specific to talk about here.