Audio Club: Loups-Garoux

The Turlough and Rosa story was the only bit that worked for me. I was surprised at how risqué that bit was compared to what had come before in the series of audios.


You were surprised after Minuet in Hell… ?


Minuet in Hell implied that there were orgies happening at some point. Loups implied thatTurlough, specifically, got laid. There is a difference.


Both are pretty risque for Doctor Who though - and Minuet also had Charley in various states of undress and a red leather outfit with spikes. Pargeter described herself as Superior Mistress to a bunch of women who were clearly being lined up to prostitute themselves out to the Hellfire Club members. Turlough getting laid seems pretty mild in comparison!


Its subjective. I find the Implication in Loups more risqué than the implication in Minuet. And within the context of the story, one is more surprising than the other.


After having read “Transit”, nothing seems risqué to me :grimacing::wink:


Just finished Loups-Garoux.

Very much a middle of the road story with some great character moments sprinkled in.
Turlough and Rosa were great together.

The Doctor asking Turlough for advice on women was such a good scene. And Turlough going “Don’t elope while I am gone” to the Fifth Doctor was hilarious :grin:

A solid 3,5/5 :star: in my book :+1:


I usually struggle with these 5th Doctor audios because I find them so dull and forgettable compared to the 6th, 7th and 8th Doctor ones.

This one is the best since Phantasmagoria.

I’m not a fan of Marc Platt’s writing for TV and novels, but he’s audios are generally good (at least the ones I’ve heard so far).

Loups-Garox is no classic, but it’s somewhat enjoyable at least. It’s not too confusing and the Five/Turlough team works well, where Turlough is given interesting stuff to do. The werewolf stuff is interesting and I like that Platt is trying to do his own take on them. The guest characters don’t leave a lot of impressions, except for the comically fun villain Stubbe (I kept thinking of our fresh President, named Stubb, whenever they mentioned his name; fortunately, he’s not as horrible as Stubbe in this one) and Rosa the werewolf hunter.

It’s nice to come across a story set in South America for a change, even if they are mostly confined to a moving train.

The plot hardly moves throughout the four parts, the adventure is a bit too long and the ending runs out of air. Otherwise, it is a perfectly serviceable listen.

I give it a strong :star:6/10.


Finally managed to finish it. And well, the 5th Doctor audios continue holding up their amazing streak of being really ok.

There are definitely some well written parts here (I especially like Rosa and Turlough), but the overall story i just find quite boring. More of a me thing, and I recognize that there is some good stuff, i really don’t think it’s bad, but for me personally it’s not doing a lot.

Edit: oh yeah and i like the idea of setting it on a moving train but i never really felt like that was utilized very much.


Started this today. Yeah, it’s one I’ve heard before. I like it, it’s nothing outstanding, but it’s a solid story. I like that it tries to include the native position and the guest cast is good, especially Eleanor Bron. I really wish we’d get more stories that are just Five and Turlough. There’s what, five total in the Main Range? (Off the top of my head, I can think of Phantasmagoria, this, Singularity, the Memory Box and Other Stories, and The Blazing Hour. Plus the Fifth Doctor segment of The End of the Beginning.)


Despite not caring much for Vampires, Werewolves, ghosts and such, I always enjoy this story more in the moment than I remember. I really like the actress playing Rosa and kinda wish they’d gotten her for more stuff (though I doubt she was an actress long unless she focused on theater since IMDB only lists one credit). Hearing Turlough talk about his home is kind of neat.


I always remember how good this is as I’m listening to it and right after. Episode 4 especially is really good. This probably ties with Phantasmagoria for the best Fifth Doctor story in the Main Range so far. There are better ones coming, but is really good. I like that it tries to include the native perspective and it all just works for me. I waver between 4/5 and 4.5/5 for rating this.

And we really need more solo Turlough stories. As good as the later Five/Turlough/Tegan/Nyssa stories are. There’s just an entirely different dynamic when it’s just Turlough and the Doctor. Anyway, that’s it for this one. I’ll get to Dust Breeding eventually.