Audio Bargains

Use the code LOVESTORIES24 to get discounts on

  • Graceless
  • Dorian Gray
  • The Scarifyers
  • Earthsearch
  • Dan Dare
  • Robin Hood
  • Pathfinders
  • Stargate
  • Drama Showcase

No Doctor Who but some Doctor Who-adjacent stuff.

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Ooh, finally time to get round to Graceless I think, seeing as I finally listened to the Key 2 Time

Graceless Series 1-3 are free on Spotify, FYI


Gallifrey One Sale

Christopher Eccleston Birthday Sale


Weekly deals on the Counter-Measures series - one of my absolute favourites, although I’ve yet to dive properly into the ‘New Counter-Measures’ era (which I’m lead to believe might not be quite as good as the first seasons).

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Weekly deals on Dark Eyes and Doom Coalition for anyone still looking for an excuse to jump into the Eighth Doctor ranges.


I love that boxset saga era, although more Doom Coalition & Ravenous than Dark Eyes. Dark Eyes still has some stellar episodes that make it worth it imo though, especially the last six episodes.

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Get ahead of the game for the Audio Club in 4 years time :smiley:

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nice, there were a handful of these I didn’t have!

Every month, Big Finish put a different audio on discount as part of their ‘book club’ promotion.

This month is is Torchwood: Serenity for £2.99

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You, too, can own a piece of Gallifrey and become a Time Lord! For $49.95 (or £39.95), your purchase entitles you to one square foot of dedicated land on a private estate in Time, Gallifrey and a printable certificate with a crest, making it the perfect gift for anyone, anywhere.*

This is based on a historic Gallifreyan land ownership custom, where landowners have been long referred to as “Lords”, with the female equivalent being “Lady”. **

*This is a purchase for a personal dedication for a souvenir plot of land. You may choose to title yourself with the title of Lord or Lady.
** Does not grant you any powers of time travel, and has no basis in law.


Should this be closed as it’s a past sale?

Yes, it wasn’t tagged so I didn’t spot it. Thanks.

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