Another late introduction

Hi everyone,
I’ve been hanging around here for a couple of months, now, but was too busy with all the other fun conversations to stop and write an intro. So here we go.

I have been a fan of Doctor Who since before I can properly remember. My earliest memories of the show are fragments from The Underwater Menace, and some of those fragments only exist in peoples memories now. I don’t remember ‘properly’ watching until Jon Pertwee who therefore became ‘my Doctor’. We didn’t have a colour TV at the time, so re-watching those early UNIT stories in colour later was a real treat.

I carried on with the show until the cancellation but largely ignored other aspects of the fandom such as the novelisations and conventions until I discovered Big Finish and realised that alternate sources could provide Doctor Who content as good as, if not better than, the BBC. Over the years I have bought a large proportion of what Big Finish have produced. I don’t dare try and work out how much I have spent :sweat_smile:

With the revival in 2005 I took the opportunity to get my kids into the show. They still watch now but are maybe a bit more critical than those of us who lived through the famine and are just happy for any Doctor Who content we can get.


A belated and overdue welcome to you. :slight_smile:

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Nice to meet you @efficacy, welcome to the fray and keep being awesome! It’s always lovely to share a space with “old-timers”, that is, fans who were around during the original run and still remember watching the show as it was shown on TV!


Are you trying to get yourself banned… :wink:


Yeah. get off my lawn. :grin:


Simply testing the boundaries a little :wink:

(I have huge respect for everyone who has been a fan years before me and has lived through the original run of the show and/or the Wilderness Years. We can all learn so much from you).


Like what the correct opinions on best and worst stories are you mean?


I couldn’t resist, sorry.

A belated welcome to @efficacy! You live in the same county as me!


Definitely! I’m going to go and rewatch Delta and the Bannermen now, my very favourite story!



I’m not actually sure if I started watching before the Wilderness years or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was definitely watching Doctor Who between 1992-1996. Just not sure if I was watching by 1989 or not…


There definitely needs to be a badge for following the True and Righteous Path.

@shauny - get to it.


Welcome @efficacy! If you live in the same county as @shauny, you must live in the same county as me!

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And a beautiful county it is :heart:

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Hey, welcome!!

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hello! I think everyone would cry if we spent any amount of time thinking about how much we’ve spent on Big Finish in our lives :sweat_smile:


It is indeed!

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Eaten the Royal Jelly.

“I’m not a Chimeron, but if I’m to come with you, then I have to become one.”

This is the way.

“Come child, stay a while as I tell you of the old times. Of Classic Who.”