An opinion for a Doctor Who fanfic

Hello there, I’d like to ask for an opinion. You see, I’m currently writing a DW fanfic featuring an original incarnation of the Doctor as if it was a new “series”. The thing is, which of these stories should be the debut one?

Planet of the Silurians - Inspired by the VNA novel “Blood Heat”, the Doctor finds herself in an alternate universe in which humans never took over the Earth and remained a wild species, while the Silurians became the dominant ones…Or so it seems. (In this story, the Doctor’s possible main companion is Hora, a half-Silurian half-Human hybrid, born in Silurian laboratories after a series of experiments)

The Sontaran Assault on Moscow - the Doctor arrives in Moscow, 1941. The Red Army is on the verge of losing the capital at the hands of the Wehrmacht. The Doctor will soon find out that the Germans are being supported by an alien power…The Sontarans. (The Doctor’s possible companion here is Stanislav Shevchenko, a 16-year-old soldier from Ukraine)

Island of the Mutants - The Doctor is stranded on a supposedly desert island. But as she went through the vast jungle, she soon found out that she was not alone…(This will be a solo adventure)

  • Planet of the Silurians
  • The Sontaran Assault on Moscow
  • Island of the Mutants
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I voted for the first one. Love an alternate universe “what if?” kind of scenario, and maybe this explains why this is a different incarnation of the Doctor as well. Are you going for “unbound” vibes?


In a certain sense, yes. In a similar fashion to Blood Heat, this story is set in an alternate universe where the Third Doctor and UNIT failed to prevent the outbreak caused by the Silurians, with the virus eventually mutating. I might also write a prequel short story that goes into detail about how the situation degenerated, where there will be a “Unbound” kind of vibe.

If it’s the first story of a new Doctor I’d be inclined to steer clear of an alternate universe thing. You want something straightfoward really that allows you to focus on establishing the new Doctor’s particular quirks and characterisation. The Sontaran one might be good or the third option - although I’m unclear what you mean by ‘solo adventure’ - are you talking Heaven Sent style.

By the way, your English is excellent for someone from Italy!


Precisely. By “solo adventure” I mean that, like in Heaven Sent, the Doctor won’t have a companion during the story. And yes, perhaps you might be right about “remaining in this universe” for a Doctor’s debut story. I could use Silurian one for a hypothetical “Season Two”.

By the way, thank you for the compliment. My mother is from Nigeria, so I learned a bit from there, other than growing up watching those Disney and Looney Tunes theatrical shorts from the 30s/40s and my habit of writing in English formally. It does help with the narration for my stories, though.


If my 15 year old could speak, let alone write, in Italian it would be mightily impressive. Most of us Englishers can’t even manage a bit of French or German or Spanish (which is mainly what they teach us in school).