An introduction!

hi, i’m delia! i’m 21 and have been a fan since i was 10. i’m pretty active in the discord, you may have seen me in there. my favorite doctors are 12, 9, and 3, and my favorite companions include rose, donna, and bill, but i love them all. i’m very interested in media analysis and have written probably thousands of words of meta by now on my tumblr blog, but tumblr’s not the greatest (or most stable) website ever, so i thought it might be fun to have another space where i can talk out my thoughts with other fans :] nice to meet you!


Welcome to the forum @quantumshade - look forward to reading your thoughts. We have four clubs running at the moment discussing the TV stories, books, audios and comics but also feel free to start a thread on anything you want to share your ideas about.


Hello and welcome cool person from tumblr!

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Hey, welcome over to this side of things!

Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Welcome! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts :grin:

Welcome!! We have a favorite doctor (9) and two favorite companions (Bill and Donna) in common!

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Welcome aboard the TG ship!

Welcome! :sparkling_heart:
I love reading meta analysis, because overthinking is something I do without encouragement. :sweat_smile::rofl: