An introduction I guess?

Hey there!

I’m schrödingerswhat, but you can call me Lars. I use any pronouns so on that front everything is fine.

I currently study English, Physics and History in uni, though I can definitely say that I have a slight dislike towards maths (which doesn’t combine well with the physics part of my studies.)

I have been watching Doctor Who on and off since about 2013, but only got really into it about two years ago. This is also when I first began getting into Classic Doctor Who and Big Finish. (I don’t even think I knew of Big Finish before that and I had only vague ideas about Classic Who

I’m not quite used to forums as I didn’t ever really take part in any.

Now here’s a couple smaller facts about me:

My favorite Doctor is the twelfth.

My favorite companion is Ace.

I’m an amateur cosplayer (I already (more or less) finished an Ace Cosplay and am currently working on a Cosplay of the Fifth Doctor although that one is very much still in the beginning stages.))


Hi there. Welcome to the site.

We love another Ace fan around here. Have you dived into the books much?

We have TV Club Audio Club Book Club and Comic Club. They’re good places to jump into and give your spicy opinions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If there is anything you want to know about in the site or forum, feel free to ask, and we will point you in the right direction.

I hope you enjoy your stay.


Hey, welcome to the forums!


Welcome! I also love Ace, and have done a fair bit of cosplaying myself. Would love to see some pictures if you feel comfortable sharing - I don’t think we have a dedicated cosplay thread but you could definitely make one if you wanted :blush:


Welcome to the forum @Schroedingerswhat - good to see you already joining in with the TV club.


Hiya and welcome to :tardis:Guide


At this point not really.
If I did dive in, that would probably raise my TBR to astronomical figures…
Not that this won’t absolutely happen either way though.
So I will probably randomly start getting into them when the ADHD leads me there I guess.


Understandable. I keep putting off the books until winter, when I can get comfy and really get stuck in.

Also another member of the ADHD gang.

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Always great hearing about other people who like cosplay. I don’t think I have any photos that I feel comfortable sharing, as I am not too big on sharing my face on the internet, not to mention the fact that I am generally pretty awkward on camera and it shows on the few pictures that I do have.

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There is the Book Club if you want to dip your toes into Who books. We do two books a month, a New Series Adventure on the 1st and a Virgin New Adventure on the 15th. However, you can absolutely go at your own pace and jump and in and out. There’s no set period of time that you have to the book in. And, for easy access or if money’s tight, the Virgin line can be found on (I think there’s a link in the Timewyrm: Genesys thread).


I have encountered that side quite often now. But since I am quite the scaredy cat I always wondered about the legality. It just seems too good to be true?

I believe you mean, not .com