Almost Recurring Cast Members

Slightly different from Favourite Almost Companions is the idea of Almost Recurring Cast Members. Sometimes a character stands out so much that it strikes me that they were probably intended to reappear. It’s possible that they were written to pop back if needed. J. Michael Straczynski used this method on Babylon 5 in case he needed to write a character out for whatever reason.

Tom (Tristan Beint) - The Day of the Doctor

He is the teacher who comes in to tell Clara that she has a message from The Doctor. The way this is acted gives me the vibe that he was going to be a recurring character. I think it was either going to be a friend or a love interest, ala Danny.

Jeff Angelo (Tom Hopper) - The Eleventh Hour

I think it is obvious that there was going to be more with Jeff. Probably as part of a love triangle with Amy and Rory. I remember at the time being surprised that he didn’t turn back up. Maybe there was scheduling conflicts with Tom, as shortly after this episode he was in Merlin, then on to Black Sails.


One character we know for sure was meant to be a reoccurring character was Geoff Noble.

Howard Attfield passed away, so they gave us Wilf instead.